Leader X

I have to admit to being confounded at the latest moves by the Liberal brain-trust to make the position of “interim leader” as unrewarding and thankless as could be imagined. Who, if indeed anyone, will emerge from today’s caucus meetings is a mystery. Certainly not Ralph Goodale, and most likely not Bob Rae, given the constraints imposed by the party poobahs.

In fact, the question of whether a “leader” of any kind is required by the Liberals just now is far from clear. As a third-party with no definite goals of its own and little real say in the affairs of a majority government with a shiny new mandate, whatever useful purpose may be served by having a symbolic public face of the party, a figurehead in parliament, or whatever, would likely be more than offset by the divisive ramifications of such a hasty, ill-considered appointment.


16 Replies to “Leader X”

  1. They want the safety a disposable leader would provide from attack ads. Whose going to spend money on a temporary leader?

  2. Well, exactly.

    And who’s going to commit to the long-term growth and rebuilding of the party if they have to take a “solemn undertaking” to walk away from it after a couple of years?


  3. I don’t keep up with the Liberal party, but wouldn’t it make sense to just appoint Scott Brison as interim leader. He has said he has no interest in becoming leader because he wants to start a family and the early years that entails requires a hands-on parent.

  4. What do you guys think of Dion as interim leader???? I think he has the experience in the house and while he is seen as a failure due to 08 I think he gets unfairly criticized for larger liberal campaign issues . Now I’m not a Liberal supporter but I view Dion as honest and courageous for what he attempted to do in the 08 election.

  5. I was wondering why Dion isn’t an obvious choice too. He’s has the experience, the Cons have their attack ads already, so everyone wins.

  6. Toe: There’s an interesting option. I hadn’t thought of Brison, but given his statements about personal obligations, etc. that might actually work out quite well.

  7. Saskboy: As much as I personally like Dion, there is some unfortunate baggage there vis-à-vis the putative “coalition” and a stark reminder about failures of the past… On the other hand, he is a survivor.

  8. Dion has always struck me as someone who is most valuable as a manager, an organizer, and a behind-the-scenes style statesman with his immense knowledge of constitutional law, but he is not charismatic or directional enough to be a good leader. He would be okay as an interm leader, especially as the Libs will need a good organizer at the helm if they want to get through this calamity, but a more permanent leader should be seeked elsewhere.

  9. It’s a party afraid of having a real leader! Yet, it is getting caught up in the delusion of the leader. “If only, only we can find the right person for the job…”


    Want to represent a fading, self-important, prideful org clinging to the past with little chance of moving forward? Work long hours, receive poor pay for the expertise required. Be willing to put up with massive libel broadcasts to the entire nation without recourse.

    You find satisfaction in the little things, like your dwindling, hard-to-identify voter base.

    And on…

  10. It seems quite reasonable to have an interim leader who can’t run as Leader. If this was not so, how could anyone possibly hope to run against an interim leader, let alone critique them as one often does in a leadership race?

  11. Reasonable perhaps, but would YOU take that job?

    Here: Sort out what’s wrong with the party, find a new direction, drum up new support from the grassroots, be our public face in parliament, field questions and issue policy statements, boost our fundraising operations… etc. And then, after two years, walk away from the deal.

    Only a fool (or a liar) would take that job.

  12. I would seriously take that job. I was originally going to affirm you wouldn’t and add you shouldn’t extrapolate your tendencies on others, but I recalled posts where you recognized ideals and noble causes. I would venture to boldly claim you are being dishonest with your last line.

  13. As I saw posted yesterday, someone was interested, but wanted to know if they could still live in their mom’s basement, and if they had to wear pants.

    Perhaps there are candidates…

  14. Scott: No, you’re right that one shouldn’t extrapolate personal feelings or as they say “project” onto others. There may well be someone willing to take on the enormously challenging task of interim leader within the circumscribed confines dictated by the party executive…

  15. Oh Tomm, Im disappointed… Usually your insults have more creativity and originality than that. Come on, give it a bit of English this time.

  16. Usually your insults have more creativity and originality than that.

    No they don’t. Tomm is about as original as the “Rolexes” they sell in Times Square. Tomm will be allowed to risk creativity only if CPC HQ ever dares to hire a fresh team of meme, talking point, sound-bite, and attack ad writers.

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