“The True Alternative”?

As reported in the Globe & Mail the other day, “Jack Layton says he’s not interested in discussing the prospect of a merger between the NDP and the Liberals, contending the election result shows his party is now the ‘true alternative’ to the Conservatives.”

Well, isn’t that special?

Jack’s hubris must certainly come as welcome news for all Liberals concerned about premature talk of a possible merger between the two parties in the wake of their catastrophic defeat at the polls. And maybe now that the Liberals are free to vote their conscience rather than being forced to effectively help prop up a minority Harper regime, we’ll get to see more clearly what sort of role they can play in this new parliament.

The NDP on the other hand must not only presume to be the “true alternative” to the Conservatives, but more importantly, a credible one. With nonsensical economic policies and half its caucus rife with separatists, it should be interesting to see how that works out for them in the months and years to come.