Why the Liberals Lost…

Need more be said?



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4 responses to “Why the Liberals Lost…

  1. The actual video of this scene is hilarious, Chretien and Ignatieff walking out together.

    Ignatieff has the stiffest, shit-eating grin I have ever seen. I wonder if Chretien told him: “Boy, you’re gonna destroy the party.” Or if the petit gars just gave off evil, confidence-destroying vibes towards him.

    In any event, I have no doubt Ignatieff is currently wallowing in self-pity, at least according to the interview he gave to Valpy in the Globe.

  2. Interesting handle. 😉

    “Shit eating grin” is a very apt description of Ignatieff’s expression.

    As for Chrétien, well, the jig was up when they decided to wheel him out at the last minute. I don’t know what sort of “magic” the Liberal brain-trust hoped would generated by his appearance on the scene… If anything it probably had the opposite effect of whatever it was they were aiming for.

    I seriously hope that Ignatieff (and others) aren’t still whining about the millions of dollars of Conservative attack ads leading up to the election. Yes, it was a concerted “hatchet job” but nothing that couldn’t have been easily dispelled by a brilliant performance on the stump and in the leadership debates. Sadly, Ignatieff wasn’t able to “rise up” to the occasion when he really needed to.

  3. Catherine

    Why don’t you folks run for office yourselves?

    So cynical. So smug.

  4. I take it that’s a pleasant way of saying STFU.

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