Why the Liberals Lost…

Need more be said?


4 Replies to “Why the Liberals Lost…”

  1. The actual video of this scene is hilarious, Chretien and Ignatieff walking out together.

    Ignatieff has the stiffest, shit-eating grin I have ever seen. I wonder if Chretien told him: “Boy, you’re gonna destroy the party.” Or if the petit gars just gave off evil, confidence-destroying vibes towards him.

    In any event, I have no doubt Ignatieff is currently wallowing in self-pity, at least according to the interview he gave to Valpy in the Globe.

  2. Interesting handle. 😉

    “Shit eating grin” is a very apt description of Ignatieff’s expression.

    As for Chrétien, well, the jig was up when they decided to wheel him out at the last minute. I don’t know what sort of “magic” the Liberal brain-trust hoped would generated by his appearance on the scene… If anything it probably had the opposite effect of whatever it was they were aiming for.

    I seriously hope that Ignatieff (and others) aren’t still whining about the millions of dollars of Conservative attack ads leading up to the election. Yes, it was a concerted “hatchet job” but nothing that couldn’t have been easily dispelled by a brilliant performance on the stump and in the leadership debates. Sadly, Ignatieff wasn’t able to “rise up” to the occasion when he really needed to.

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