Primary Intelligence

Here’s one of Frank Luntz’s infamously clueless focus groups speaking their “minds” following the first Republican “debate” in South Carolina – an event described by some as a “freak show” that was avoided by the tallest pygmies currently in the race to be Republican presidential nominee.

“I have never had this kind of reaction until tonight. Something very special happened this evening,” said Luntz, after the 29-person group unanimously concluded that former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain had “won” the so-called debate. Just a single person in the group began the night supporting Cain.


7 Replies to “Primary Intelligence”

  1. OT Question Red – When I use Chrome and click on one of your posts I mostly get the following message: 400 Bad Request Nginx. So I used Explorer and it seems to work fine.

    Can you or anyone else explain this?

  2. Penny: That’s weird. I have Chrome on my computer and it displays just fine. Personally, I prefer Firefox and would recommend that above Explorer.

  3. Thanks for replying. Yes it’s weird. Chrome works part of the time when I try to read your posts and when it doesn’t I switch to Explorer. My husband is a Tech Supervisor. He says Chrome is rated better than Firefox for it’s speed so we use Chrome. Have no problems reading other blogs, etc.

  4. I hate these focus groups – Primary intelligence indeed!
    A person in the front row puts up their hand and everyone follows suit – it’s a primary grade school game called ‘Follow the Leader.’
    Great when you’re going on an adventure in a playground but DANGEROUS when asking questions about Health care or foreign policy!!!

    We saw this in Canada immediately following the election. The Conservative PR spin-off Ensight Canada held focus groups and reported that a large % say they’re open to discussing a mix of health care. That’s shared on CBC as “giving Harper a license to explore health care changes”, which in turn is reported by the CBC as “Canadians want private health care.”

    It happened so quickly, we were barely able to register it – “Canadians have given Harper license to privatize health care.” Done by one of these focus groups, facilitated by the Conservative party PR machine. Was this mentioned anywhere during the election stumping? Nope, but it’s presented after the election as public opinion. These right wingers are very good at what they do.
    See –

  5. Penny: Don’t get me wrong. I like Chrome and am not particularly boosting Firefox (altho the new version is supposed to be way faster). In my experience each browser does some things better than others. For example, I used an online program called Constant Contact to develop electronic newsletters and it won’t even recognize Chrome and Firefox mangles some of its formatting features, so I have to use Explorer for that.

    My blog incorporates a lot of videos that are Flash based, so I suspect that may be the problem, although as I said, it seems to display fine on my end — at least on the crappy notebook I’m using at home here.

  6. tf: That sort of insta-polling of focus groups is actually an abuse of the concept and really shouldn’t be misconstrued to indicate anything other than what it is — i.e., the opinions of a small, very select group of individuals.

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