Liberals at the Crossroads

A look back at the various reasons leading up to the crushing defeat of the federal Liberals in this week’s election and an examination of whether the party has a raison d’etre anymore, let alone a long-term future…

It’s hard to get passionate about a moderate, centrist party that espouses strong federalism, fiscal responsibility and social tolerance (amongst other things), but I can’t help but think that our politics would be worse off if our system was to devolve into a two-party see-saw between pretend socialists and fake conservatives.

Primary Intelligence

Here’s one of Frank Luntz’s infamously clueless focus groups speaking their “minds” following the first Republican “debate” in South Carolina – an event described by some as a “freak show” that was avoided by the tallest pygmies currently in the race to be Republican presidential nominee.

“I have never had this kind of reaction until tonight. Something very special happened this evening,” said Luntz, after the 29-person group unanimously concluded that former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain had “won” the so-called debate. Just a single person in the group began the night supporting Cain.