Ardilla is Dead!

George W. Bush with an important announcement about breaking news from the Canyon Creek Sizzler…

On a more serious note, it’s just been absolutely disgusting to see how right-wingnuts have reacted to the fact that Osama Bin Laden was killed under the current president’s watch.

Initially, they tried to disproportionately credit Bush (even though he’d effectively abandoned the search in 2002), then they attempted to leverage this outcome to justify the use of torture (absent demonstrable evidence), then complained about… well, everything. Not releasing the photos of the corpse, the way the body was disposed of, excessive use of the personal pronoun in Obama’s announcement, appearing at “Ground Zero” and so on. Unbelievable.



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3 responses to “Ardilla is Dead!

  1. sassy

    complained about… well, everything – and not only that but I want to see the death certificate. (and it had better match the birth certificate)

  2. Gordon S

    There was actually fairly little use of the personal pronouns in his speech, that’s just a complete lie.

    Here’s a list.

  3. The long form death certificate! 🙂

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