E-Night 2011

Kind of an open thread for the time being until the polls close out west in a few hours. I plan on going back into work and watching the results come in from there, as the computer/TV set-up is better at the office. Should be an interesting evening…

9:30: Well, that was disappointing. Got into the office, turned on the computer and discovered that the Cons had won a majority government. Game over.

9:50: Speaking of “game over” looks like Ignatieff went down with the ship he managed to sink.

10:00: Ken Dryden went down. Gee, that’s sad.

10:05: CBC online player still not working. Having to watch coverage on CTV instead.

10:11: Iggy delivering his concession speech… This could well be the best speech he’ll have given during the whole campaign.

10:15: Ignatieff won’t be the only defeated leader. Duceppe has also been upset.

10:25: Strange to see folks like Gerard Kennedy and Martha Hall-Findlay getting the boot.

10:45: Duceppe’s turn to bid farewell. (Looks like the BQ is all but completely wiped out.)

10:50: Hard to believe that Elizabeth May might actually pull off a victory in Saanich.

11:00: CTV now declaring May elected. Good for her!

11:15: CBC online still MIA. The ads work though! Getting a bit fed up of CTV showing local results from the GTA over and over with almost NOTHING west of Ontario.

11:30: Layton delivering his victory speech. I don’t know why these folks are cheering. The NDP can vote their conscience all they want as the Official Opposition and it won’t make a whit’s worth of difference now that Harper has a majority.

12:05: Awaiting the Dear Leader to take the stage…

12:12: CTV correspondents still fellating.

12:14: Finally, the speech begins. WARNING: Playing that drinking game where you take a shot every time Harper says “friends” could be hazardous to your health.

12:30: Speech over, CTV correspondents are back gushing and fawning.