Election Projections

For the betting crowd, feel free to use this space to share your best guesstimates about the outcome of tomorrow’s election.

Others are FAR more into this stuff than me and have the whole projection thing down to an nearly exact science, so my opinion counts for little beyond the fun of hypothetical wagering and possibly scoring an “I told you so” booya after the fact. That said, here’s the way I figure the result will shake out:

Conservatives: 147; Liberals: 56; NDP: 80; Bloc: 25; Greens: 0

As for voter turnout, I’m guessing that it will be 56%. Depending on the weather, that figure might break 60% but I rather doubt it.

The Final Push

The three leaders pulling out all the stops on the last days of campaigning…

Personally, I’m still betting on “boredom” to win the day and Nanos actually supports my view on this.