Ezra Levant v. Cedar Tree

Armed only with a gas-powered chainsaw, Ezra Levant demonstrates how, thousands of years ago, the capricious God of the Old Testament gave doughy, bespectacled little cunts dressed in plaid, absolute dominion over the Earth and all its living things.

This absurd stunt where Sun TV’s wannabe Glenn Beck maliciously hacked a potted cedar down to a ragged stump was apparently connected to a ridiculous strawman argument purporting that misanthropic environmentalists and others of a “liberal” persuasion (or “cult” as Ezra prefers), hate mankind and would just as soon depopulate the planet rather than allow free markets to work their infinite capitalist magic just as God intended. Or something like that.

I’ve watched this program a few times and it just baffles me. Maybe it’s all being messaged in some sort of tacit code or dog-whistle frequency that only batshit crazy wingnuts and fellow travellers of the radical right blogosphere can properly comprehend. It certainly doesn’t relate to any kind of reality that I’m familiar with.

22 Replies to “Ezra Levant v. Cedar Tree”

  1. You are quite right that the SunTV “reality” is one that is baffling. Never I have seen such a lack of logic and reality wrapped around pro-Harper propaganda. I’m surprised that elections Canada is not fining them.
    Ezra obviously finds himself clever but he only underscores the vacuity of SunTV.

  2. I guess it’s understandable that that most of Sun “News” programming is relentlessly pro-Harper (after all, their tabloid print rags are much the same in that respect), but it’s just kind of bizarre to watch the conspiratorial, wackdoodle nuttiness and wearisome themes of right-wing blogs now being televised.

    It should be interesting to see how much of an appetite for this resentful, crackpot nonsense and continuum of faux outrage against liberalism exists once the election is done with and later when the free ride from the cable carriers ends. My bet is that their numbers will plummet dramatically.

  3. I can provide a list of Conservative supporters quite long that find Ezra Levant just as annoying as you guys. He’s an ass-clown of the highest order. I did see a decent interview with Adam Giambrone on the station the other day. I thought he did well to not be squashed by the clear bias at work, though Warren Kinsella fared a little worse.

  4. What the fuck was that? Is that supposed to be news!?

    Gawd, do I ever despise the direction in which conservatives want to take our political discourse.

    One more thing: Can anyone explain again how “conservatives” can be so opposed to conservation? More succinctly, how can any person who gives a shit about the world their children will inherit be so vehemently opposed to sustainable development and/or conservation that they are willing to propose INCREASED waste in protest?

  5. Next time he does a chainsaw stunt he should actually learn how to use a chainsaw. Actually nevermind, I think Levant should just move straight to a stunt where he juggles three chainsaw to symbolize coalition governments or something. Go for it Ezra, you can do it!

  6. So…he’s Ezra Levant..and he’s chopping down a cedar, beloved tree of Lebanon. I’m sure there’s something symbolic in that. Because my interpretation makes as much sense as he is in there.

  7. Dave: Yeah, I’ve never quite grasped the anti-conservation stance of many
    “conservatives”… I mean, it’s right in the name, for goodness sake. Even on a purely economic level, conservation generally makes sense. I have no idea how it became an unchallenged credo amongst the right-wing that profligate waste and senseless excess are good things.

  8. Ezra was just celebrating Earth Day.

    Didn’t he also puff on a big stogie while standing next to his running hummer during an Earth Day a couple of years ago?

    Remember that video by Denis Leary?

    I think Ezra sees himself as that sort of entertainer.

    His show will likely be very popular. Heck, you guys are discussing it.

  9. That’s actually one of my favourite songs of all time.

    I get the assholery angle and if Ezra wants to be a comedian, then fine. Even though they’re deeply unfunny, I’m certainly willing to regard folks like Rush, Coulter, Beck as such. By the same token, however, they shouldn’t be taken all that seriously.

  10. how far away are we from the part where Frances Urquhart throughs Ezra off the building?

  11. oh bad English day for me. 🙂 I meant throws but I cannot blame autocorrect on that one.

  12. Am I Dreaming or is this real ,
    i have been dreaming about real news ,Never thought I wold live to hear this straight talk ‘I love it ,You guy’s rock ,

    I used to think I was a small C Conservative , according to CBC poll I am a Liberal ,
    Keep it up Ezra ,& Sun TV.ROCK.

    Frank from Hamilton.

  13. Modern “Conservatives” do not see the value in “conserving” things, because they are NOT conservatives at all.

    They are liberals, as in “classical liberals.” The only thing they seek to conserve is classical liberalism … you know, the kind the powered the Victorian-era of the Nightwatchman Economy.

  14. Well they’re still social conservative Aeneas, though that’s a part of traditional conservatism they really should move away from – like how the Liberal Party finally squelched Tom Wappel & the Liberals for Life.

    I am a person of faith as well, but I learned long ago that mixing religion and politics has never led to anything good. The state has no business legislating morality.

  15. tofkw:

    I would argue that there is a weird amalgam of American libertarianism and a boringly trite & conventional & narrow-minded pseudo-Christian and pseudo-religious in evidence amongst CPC activists.

    I do not believe that Harper is that religious at all – I believe it is a photo-opp & shop sham of the cynical first order. Harper’s real religion – as it was in 1983-4 when I first encountered him, is Chicago-School capitalism – classical liberalism by any other name. He is an American-style libertarian, really.

    He was aways distrubed and perturbed by anything that smacked of torysism (Crown, Country, Commonwealth whatever…), which is why he left in 1985-86 to help form the Reform Party of Canada. He left the Reform Party to head-up the classically-liberal NCC because his American-style libertarianism” was at odds with Manning’s populism.

    The CPC is a mess. It only succeeds – as it were – because of the steel discipline wielded by the PMO. In that last sense, Harper is very much like Pierre Trudeau.

  16. The CPC contraption will continue to function for as long as it’s in power. Should it be displaced however, the old ideological rifts from the shotgun marriage of the Reform/Alliance and the PCs will start to show again.

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