Ignatieff’s Town Hall for Canada

For others like me who don’t have a television machine…

And in the interest of being “fair and balanced” [sarcasm alert], here’s a video of Stephen Harper speaking in the fenced backyard of someone in Victoria, re-announcing his promise to introduce a $500 tax credit for children’s arts programs.

Gotta love the intro: “The strongest economist… principled to the core.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!



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17 responses to “Ignatieff’s Town Hall for Canada

  1. CWTF

    I’ve been harsh on Iggy in the past, but over this campaign he has surprised me in a positive way. Harper has only confirmed my cynicism.

  2. bocanut

    CO2 is causing climate change?
    What planet has this guy been living on?

  3. CWTF: Likewise. Iggy’s given it a good try, that’s for sure.

  4. Bocanut: Key word there… nut.

  5. sapphireandsteel

    Hey boca whatever happened with your adventure with Kinsella? You kinda disappeared for awhile. I do miss the BBQ dating profile.

    I have also been impressed with Ignatieff this election. He definitely seems more comfortable in his skin and the Lib’s definitely have the better post production. I always look at con ads and wonder how much of the ad budget gets sucked up by expense accounts. The recent con ad; the concerned cranky woman doesn’t even register with me. Money or not, the conservative campaign style is starting to enter the age of diminishing returns

  6. As much as I despise Harper, even I would have dismissed out of hand the proposition that five short years in government would take such heavy toll of self-respect and drain so utterly to the dregs his reservoir of political testosterone as to reduce him to campaigning from people’s back yards.

    I would not be at all surprised to see Harper confine what remains of his “campaign” to the daily recording and YouTube release of three-minute propaganda videos shot in his bathroom while he performs his morning evacuations.

  7. That was kind of sad, wasn’t it? CTV obviously found the metaphor kind of noteworthy in that the press corps was stuck outside the fence in an adjacent yard.

    To be fair (more so than in this post), I’ll put up a vid of the Dear Leader speaking to the faithful so everyone can get a full dose of what they might otherwise be missing at a Harpercon rally.

  8. bocanut

    Hey S&S,
    If the Liberal Party had only listened to Winkie the slide into oblivion might have been temporarily avoided.
    I totally support Winkie’s future intention to run for a politically elected orifice.

  9. sapphireandsteel

    Ha ha that response had an element of “court ordered” to it

  10. bocanut

    Comprehension skills declining?

  11. sapphireandsteel

    No boca I just remember you said something to him, he posted that he was looking for you because you did something typically Boca stupid and then you disappeared for awhile. It was nice no to hear your own brand of crazy fora while though I’m wondering when you’re putting the BBQ stalker profile back on plentyoffish.

    And carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Ever read about the atmosphere of Venus? It’s high in CO2 and is a perfect example of a type of climate change. Then there’s also the global dimming theory that lends avlot of validity to climate change science. That a look at literature on our magnetic field is you want to learn more of how our climate system is fragile. Or, just sign up for Geography 202 – Climatology.

    I’m confused with you Boca. You scoff others but it’s obvious that you lack background knowledge in the working of Earth. You should also read up on the changing ocean currents in the atlantIc though you are a bit old to be around when the Thames winter fair returns. I’d also do some reading on tectonic forces too to gain a better understanding of how living on a subduction fault line affects your climate around you & your BBQ.

    But to the subject above. Why do you prefer the bubble campaign? Is having your team win more important than right and wrong? Personally I’m not blindly partisan enough to follow any party into the darkness but I’ve read your posts before and, you’re a pretty odd duck.

    So a climate question for you. What happens if the Juan de la fuca plate has a major subduction quake which starts a quake on the San Andreas fault. These two major quakes cause a series of volcanoes to erupt along the pacific coasts releasing carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. The quake is strong enough to cause major fires at refineries and power plants in western Canada and the US – releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Does that affect the climate Boca? What about the fact that a subduction quake is extremely strong and would not only cause fires at refineries in Alberta, it would most likely also increase the leakage from the tar sands tailing ponds. Mm tasty.

    So using your amazing knowledge of climatology could you explain how carbon dioxide affects our atmosphere, how explaining how Co2 levels were much higher before human beings were on earth is a valid defense for the deniers.

    Also Boca do you like the bubble boy style of Harper? That lovely was he avoids Canadians. I know that you are into some pretty odd things, and clothes but you seem to think we should comply to you views. Would that mean that in a bova Canada all men would be required not to read and learn but to scoff and not understand, & to have a pic with a BBQ in a Hawaiian shirt where you can read your seductive foisting of right wing values onto unsuspecting women just looking to meet a nice person? Does online dating and right wing trolling Improve your love life?

  12. Northern PoV

    here is a recent Harper vid for your comparison:

  13. I think Ignatieff has done well this campaign, but the numbers don’t look good. I think the problem is he just doesn’t give the impression he’s that much different (left wing) compared to Harper. I know now isn’t the time to bring things up like this, but Bob Rae would have been an appropriate contrast. Rae does come with baggage, but he would’ve been a compelling foil for Harper.

  14. jkg

    I would not be at all surprised to see Harper confine what remains of his “campaign” to the daily recording and YouTube release of three-minute propaganda videos shot in his bathroom while he performs his morning evacuations.

    And his courtier Blogging Tories would explain to us that he is flushing out that frightful doom of the coalition (but maybe in reality it could be just eating bean curry). The depressing thing is that the CPC are extremely confident that they will win enough seats that Harper can just go on holiday and probably have enough MPs associated with this party elected.

  15. bocanut

    S&S,time to crawl back into your parents basement and resume playing with your Dr.Who and Sapphire and Steel action figures.

  16. sapphireandsteel

    It took you four days to come up with that?

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