Dumping on Trump

Since The Donald announced that he was “seriously thinking” about running for President of the United States, and more particularly since he started breathing new life into the ridiculous “birther” movement, Lawrence O’Donnell at the The Last Word has had a field day skewering the putative billionaire and what Larry vehemently contends is nothing but a shameless publicity stunt.

Last night’s segment may be the best one to date ripping Trump’s credibility (if one can call it that) to shreds.

As entertaining as it would be if Trump did actually run (which I too, seriously doubt), it’s a pretty sad commentary on the catastrophic level of stupefying idiocy that’s evidently rampant within the Republican base that this arrogant, clueless prick is currently leading or coming a strong second in polls amongst various contenders for the G.O.P. nomination.



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7 responses to “Dumping on Trump

  1. sapphireandsteel

    Id be truly worried if he picked Gary Busey as his running mate, though it’s still yards above Palin.

  2. sapphireandsteel

    Though Busey does resemble Boris Johnson. A personal favourite of mine when Im looking for political pratfalls

  3. Well, as you know, I am a big fan of Boris, so I can’t agree with you there. He may be eccentric, but he’s not insane.

  4. sapphireandsteel

    I don’t think Boris is insane though eccentrically clever. You’d have to be to knock off Red Ken. He’s the first Tory mayor of London isn’t he?

    His concocted affair a few years ago was brilliant.

  5. I think the London Mayor position in its present form was only created a short while back (kind of like when Toronto amalgamated and became a “mega city”) so yes, he’s the first Tory mayor of this relatively new entity and Ken was the first Labour one.

    I happen to like them both, but there’s something about Boris that just tickles me like almost no other politician. He’s funny, intelligent, eccentric and all that, but also extemporaneous and joyful which are qualities we don’t often see in politics.

  6. sapphireandsteel

    You are correct. Maggie got rid of the GLA in the eighties & nationalized the City of London. It was her way of getting rid of Ken Livingstone.

    When the title was reintroduced in 2000, Ken took on Labour hopeful Frank Dobson & beat him handily.

    The old GLC offices became a very trendy restaurant in Westminster around the same time.

  7. sapphireandsteel

    Ken’s running for mayor again in 2012 which should provide some great showdowns. I got to meet Livingstone in 2000 when he was campaigning at tottenham court road & Oxford street. Nice man with more than a few good Thatcher jokes. I just wonder if it’s possible to tackle the myriad of problems London has.

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