A Stylistic Contrast

Not that either leader is exactly “radioactive with charisma” (to borrow a description from Rex Murphy), but it is interesting to draw distinctions between Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper from their performance on the stump.

Here’s Ignatieff speaking at a town hall meeting in Victoria the other day, talking about a wide range of issues with an emphasis on education and the environment (go figure).

And here’s Harper speaking on the lower mainland at the Kerrisdale Legion on the same day (or thereabouts) talking about his party’s “tough on crime” agenda.

I suppose there are all sorts of different impressions that can be drawn from comparing the two performances… Rather than offer up my own opinion, I’m much more curious to know what you think of them.



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13 responses to “A Stylistic Contrast

  1. DAVID

    Iggy comes across as insincere .Simple as that

  2. Barkman

    Licking his lips like that ALL the time, gets a little wierd. For goodness sakes there is some water on your lower right, drink some!

  3. ridenrain

    Iggy’s national pride is like a jacket he puts on and takes off when necessary.
    He’s as comfortable as an American, Englishman or Canadian, and I’m not comfortable with that.

  4. cangar

    I tend to go more for content than style, so probably not a good one to compare. But Harper’s messaging on crime seems ridiculous given his attachment to Carson, Carson’s money-laundering girlfriend and her niece, and his Senators’ electoral fraud. Good thing Harper straight face is the only one he has, otherwise he’d have trouble giving his spiel with a straight face.

  5. sapphireandsteel

    You’d think with all the trolling ridofbrain does he’d improve

  6. sapphireandsteel

    For the record I have plenty of jackets from the UK. They just fit very well. Sorry if that upsets you ridofbrain

  7. Alison S

    Harper comes across as the lying robot he is.

  8. Rotterdam

    Unfortunately for Alison, Canadians do not share her view.

    Harpers leadership rating stand far ahead of Ignatieff.


  9. tofkw

    …and yet, despite these high ratings and facing such an unpopular Ignatieff and a used-car-salesman in Jack, your dear leader will still only finish with another minority if H-D, Nanos, EKOS and Angus-Reid polls are to be believed.

    The regionals are showing a horserace in Ontario with the NDP falling drastically from ’08 levels, and that does not translate well for Harper’s push for more seats. In fact that makes him loose seats there. BC isn’t looking great either at this point.

  10. What’s this going to be, 9 leaders in 8 years? How can anyone stay on track when the leaders and the direction of the party keep shifting? Instead of searching for the magic leader that will hold you all together, why not come up with a policy that you all agree with.
    Oh, because the only one you all agree on is get back in power, any way you can.

  11. dstm

    Well I liked Ignatieff’s change message, his inclusiveness and his analysis of Mr Harper esp re census. All with balance and humour.

    I couldn’t view the Harper clip because I know all that will come from his mouth is lies. The Cons are superlative liars. And on that basis they will likely ‘win’.

  12. Cangar: I would like to have had a head-to-head comparison based on the same issue, but had to go with the material available to me.

    Agreed that substance is more important than style, but in politics the latter often tends to trump the former.

  13. sapphireandsteel

    Ridofbrain to continue the traditional response to you: fuck off troll

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