Canada’s All Gay News Channel

Well, at least that’s what comedian Dan Speerin thinks of the Sun News channel. You know, the cowboys, the mountains, the whole “proud” thing they’ve got going on…

According to Sun controlled newspapers (so you know it’s accurate!) viewers can hardly wait to turn their dial to channel 517 or whatever and watch news in the making – literally, in the sense they will be making stuff up. If it’s anything remotely like Fox News, you can bet on it.



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12 responses to “Canada’s All Gay News Channel

  1. David Akin is a pretty solid journalist – I doubt he will be making anything up. Would be cool, though, for an Ezra Levant/Heather Mallick one on one show, though. Just so we can have crazies from the left and right.

  2. tofkw

    Well you do have to treat anything Mallick writes with a grain of salt, but Ezra’s way worse on the makingshitupometer.

    What I find funnier is Levant and Kinsella working under the same roof. You know the law suits will be coming soon. Cripes, this whole SUNNews thing will be like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

  3. I don’t have a TV, so probably won’t see it unless they have an online presence as well. Currently it’s still in promo mode, touting their “cutting edge studio design” and such. Lots of flashy graphics and whooshing sounds.

  4. …the cowboys, the mountains, the whole “proud” thing…

    Ah yes—the forced, awkward “patriotism” of our continentalist right-wing. It’s a bit like watching the proverbial drunken uncle with the gammy leg doing the Macarena at your wedding reception. It’s always sad, inappropriate, and totally unnecessary.

    At any rate, I’m going to enjoy watching these fools try to be as “Canadian” as possible whilst simultaneously being as American as possible. I expect it’ll look like Stephen Harper with better hair, a healthier BMI, and (slightly) better production values.

  5. I’m glad you liberals aren’t watching Sun News Network. Gives you more time to spend repaying the money your party stole from the Canadian taxpayers. While you are at it, when does your party plan to name the dirty MP’s and candidates from Quebec that took dirty ADSCAM money as revealed at the Gomery Commission?

  6. jkg

    At any rate, I’m going to enjoy watching these fools try to be as “Canadian” as possible whilst simultaneously being as American as possible.

    With the viewership guffawing at the apparent “librul bias” in Canadian media led by the evil CBC who are just smokescreening with frequent appearances of Flanagan, Levant, and O’Leary, it will be quite a show.

  7. JKG: I read a funny review of the first day of programming in the NatPo earlier this evening. The columnist quipped that Sun News featured “stories nobody else would touch” because they were 3 years old. Specifically, he was referring to Ezra Levant tooting his horn (again!) about the Muslim cartoon fiasco.

    But judging by the previous comment from “badbeta” who is apparently stuck 6 years in the past, perhaps Ezra’s pathetic claim to fame will actually seem to be “fresh” by comparison.

  8. jkg

    The NatPo is even given jabs at Sun News? That must make some neoconservatives’ head explode!

  9. jkg

    *giving gah, sorry, my multitasking is not that great.

  10. jkg

    * heads, okay, I give up, sorry again.

  11. Hey, I actually watched a bit of the Sun News this morning on the TV set in the lunchroom of the place I’m working at. Took me a while to find it seeing as it’s on channel 177.

    I have to say that it was painful to sit through. I don’t what they paid for their “state of the art design package” but it was pretty damn awful. On this one show, “Byline” I think it was called, the logos behind the host kept slowly moving in and out, in an out, in and out. When the host read viewer emails at the end of the program, one of them complained about it and said it was making him seasick. Heh.

    Then I watched a bit of Adler making a complete jackass of himself with some feisty lady from the Centre for Policy Alternatives over the issue of corporate taxes. He kept trying to put words in her mouth and she’d have none of it.

  12. (Did you all notice the thing with the arrow pointing right above your comments? I think you’re supposed to watch it, then “comment”, on it.)

    Great parody vid, hilarious!!! 🙂 Sun News is obviously garbage but if it spawns hilarious parodies then I say it’s a small price to pay to get Canadians interested in politics. Without a ridiculous administration Jon Stewart wouldn’t have amassed the audience he did; I hope Dan Speerin can use this shyte news network to become Canada’s answer to Stewart. Maybe if people are laughing at the leaders all the time we might remember their names.

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