Irony, Thy Name is “liberty4canada”

Another HarperCon hypocrite going under the name “liberty4canada” that simply can’t help ruthlessly stamping out any expression of critical dissent or opposition…

I’m not sure what exactly “liberty” means in the twisted, Orwellian lexicon of some so-called “Conservatives”… Whatever it may be, it certainly makes me wonder what other fundamental concepts like “free speech” that are commonly associated with liberty they don’t quite fully grasp in Bizzarro Harper World.

By the way, just for the record, my comment wasn’t offensive or profane. As best I recall, it went like this: “Is that the best attack you can mount? How desperately pathetic.”

p.s. Nardwuar is an annoying twat. No wonder Ignatieff didn’t “get it” (whatever “it” may be).


4 Replies to “Irony, Thy Name is “liberty4canada””

  1. No idea who that liberty guy is, but it’s unfortunate that Nardwuar has to be dragged down into the partisan cesspool. He’s a screwball, a well-researched journalist, an artist, a lover of music history, a Vancouver icon, and the ultimate self-starter. He’s only an annoying twat to people who don’t “get it”. Otherwise he’s the perfect remedy for people who take themselves way too seriously.

  2. Of Grey Lady he could be a feature bloggiste for the Blogging Tories. Not a beacon of free speech there. Maybe some Blazing Cat Fur? I know the Shaidles love to keep my comments posted.

  3. My opinion is that if you put “it” out there you either accept all comments, (except those that are excessively rude or threatening) or you take none. Deleting comments you just don’t agree with is silly, RT is right it is no small part of liberty the ability to voice ideas, accepting, respectfully discussing differing opinions is a sign of maturity and security in one’s views.

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