Cutting Edge Journalism

From CTV…

Yes, it’s another installment of intrepid video reportage from the campaign trail via CTV’s Election2011 channel on YouTube – that now does not allow comments!

Why on earth CTV (and their Globe & Mail subsidiary) posts these inane turds on their respective YouTube channels continues to mystify me. Can anyone provide an explanation? I’m not sure why, but I keep hoping that something illuminating might possibly appear one of these days, but it certainly hasn’t happened thus far.


4 Replies to “Cutting Edge Journalism”

  1. By not allowing comments, it saves them the time of deleting the ones that don’t agree with their position.

  2. Yeah, but they don’t even have a “position”…

    That’s what drives me mental about these things. They’re like useless crap that’s dropped on the cutting room floor, snipped to 35 seconds or so and then posted on YouTube. Why?

    It make no sense at all.

    Here’s one from earlier today on the G&M channel…. see if you can make heads or tails out of it:

    I mean, WTF is that?

  3. I watched both, thank you Red Tory. What I got from those two is that the Liberal’s music was wonderful. Liberals did use aboriginal musicians, when a cabinet was sworn in, as I recall. It’s great music.

    So is the O Canada, but man is it boring – and I am very sorry and apologetic in having to say so – sung in this way, and it is most often sung in this way nowadays. It’s a big yawn. The original song with its original French lyrics is so much better. The lyrics give the song its meaning – ton bras sait porter l’épée, il sait porter la croix, ton histoire est une épopée des plus brillants exploits – and demand a military, upbeat tempo.

    Given that Mr. Harper choses to speak French first even in Washington, maybe he should bring the enthusiasm and punch of O Canada to his rallyes and have it sung in French. Would he be booed?

  4. I agree the coverage of this whole election has been humdrum, perhaps a reflection of what the average person is feeling about it?

    The most boring election ever with the most unappealing politicians ever….snooze fest.

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