Rick Mercer on The Agenda

Rick Mercer talking with Steve Paikin about his role as a political satirist, being the “Jon Stewart of Canada,” and his new gig in the off-season writing a column for Macleans magazine.

By the way, here’s something I’ve thought for a long time…Wouldn’t Rick would be the perfect candidate to be the Governor General of Canada at some point in the future? I know that he doesn’t have an especially high opinion of that institution, but there’s probably nobody in this country who’s actually better “qualified” for the position than him in terms of having been to so many communities and experienced the wide diversity of Canada over the years.

8 Replies to “Rick Mercer on The Agenda”

  1. Being something of an anti-monarchist (I’m sure they’re fine people and the UK seems to want them but I think it’s time for our own country to move on…) I’d like to see Canada as a parliamentary republic with Mr. Mercer as titular president. I am a fan of that man 🙂


  2. Neil, the electoral fuck-up that was the 2000 US presidential election should be proof enough of the superiority of a constitutional monarchy and the Westminster Parliamentary system over the republic / presidential model.

    If say an election was held and an absolute tie occurred between the Conservatives and Liberals for ridings …who cares? The G-G (or Queen Elizabeth herself if the situation required it) would find the person who could win the confidence of the house, and form the most stable government. No problem!

    My only beef with our own system is I wish the ridings represented population numbers better than they do (Alberta, BC and Ontario votes are worth only 60% of a Quebec vote, or 25% of a PEI vote) and in exchange we had an elected senate that allowed for provincial equality (and the reduction of powers of the first ministers due to this). However I know what a can of constitutional worms that would open, so I’ll leave it as a dream.

    But doing away with the monarchy? Hell no!

  3. Bocanut: Sorry your comment got hung up in my spam filter.

    As for Don Cherry, he’s an obnoxious prick and, as such, wholly unsuitable to be G-G.

  4. Rick Mercer needs to team up with Jon Stewart on some sort of cross border satire. ANYTHING! Just make it so!

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