CTV’s Election2011 Channel

Not having the time or opportunity of late to watch broadcast TV, I’ve been following the election coverage online as much as possible.

CTV has a marginal YouTube channel called “Election2011CTV” which delivers nothing but random, ephemeral droppings from the campaign trail, as you can see by the following clip posted today:

Having viewed a number of these completely pointless video turds that appeared in my daily subscription list, I finally got fed up with their inanity and made a sardonic comment lauding them for their excellent reportage and investigative journalism. Shortly afterwards, it came to my attention that they had deleted my comment and turned off the commenting feature altogether on this video. Go figure.



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8 responses to “CTV’s Election2011 Channel

  1. jkg

    But, Red, aren’t you just dying to find out what kind of cupcakes the operatives from the CPC war room were handing out at a Liberal rally?

    Given the timeline,you may have very well principed the commenting on those videos :).

  2. KEv — No, I hadn’t but I’m certainly going to check it out. Thanks.

  3. JKG — Perhaps. But it’s not that I was trying to achieve anything other than sarcastically express my contempt at what a pathetic waste of time their stupid little YouTube channel is.

    I note that one can still comment all of the other illuminating coverage CTV is offering on this channel, such as this:

    Should be interesting to see whether comments are disabled on future releases of vital campaign information from CTV’s team of intrepid reporters.

  4. CWTF

    Well the narrator was right when he said this is “embarrassing”….

  5. “going to check it out”

    it was just okay stuff, i guess, but i got a kick out of the ryan gosling video; “‘shit’, as in poop; ‘harper’, as in poop; ‘did’, as in shit harper did.” heh!


  6. friggin’ tags….

  7. I see that comments are now blocked on all of their new videos.

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