Which Canada Will You Vote For?

An excellent comic book treatment of the The Harper Government® by “just some guy” with a primary focus on various environmental issues…

Click on the above graphic to jump to the complete strip.


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21 responses to “Which Canada Will You Vote For?

  1. Tea Party Patriot

    Hey Asshole!!!!!!

    Good Morning.

    I’m just reminding you I still read your shitty blog every single morning before I take a shit.

    Not just that, but I also read it when I get home after I work to make a living for myself.

    You believe that?

  2. CWTF

    Tea Party Patriot, please remember to wipe…..

  3. TPP…. Why don’t you just Fuck Off ?

    If you are Canadian, then why the Tea Party allusion ? I can think of nothing more un-Canadian than admiration or affiliation to the Tea Party Movement- the main reference of which is to an event and group that is anathema to the very idea of Canada itself – a nation founded by people people loyal to King George III and fleeing the disorder and chaos created by the very type of group a “Tea Party” represents.

    If you are Canadian, then you are either very ignorant or very insipid.

  4. Fairly lame comic. Being a torontonian, I’m accustomed to such asinine leftist drivel being treated like holy scripture by the likes of the assholes at OCAP, and great minds who read NOW magazine. That is not to say that there are not valid points being made, merely that they are being made in a parisan fashion that ignores the context of its’ examples.

  5. Grammins: Fair enough. I liked the execution, however.

  6. Being a torontonian[sic], I’m accustomed to such asinine leftist drivel…

    Well, Gram, if you ever feel the need to cleanse your intellectual palate, you can always refresh and stimulate yourself with the analytically rigorous profundities enshrined in the transcript of Don Cherry’s immortal speech at Rob Ford’s inauguration. Much more to your taste, I’m sure.

  7. Haha, not really. Even Rob Ford found Cherry clownish, but it’s at least slightly amusing as an affront to the redundant “anarchist” leftist fare regularly celebrated ’round these parts. The “Pinko Leftist” buttons that have since surfaced remind me of the left’s intolerance and sensitivity toward any dissident view, which is also both satisfying and amusing on multiple levels.

  8. Ah yes, well we’re all familiar with the boundless tolerance of the Right. Just look at Harper’s team… what a wild bunch of free-spirited individuals and independent thinkers they are! Not to mention the Bloggin’ Tories, that bastion of outspoken dissidents and free speech champions that aren’t in the least bit hypocritical. 😉

    By the way, since when have I “regularly celebrated” let alone engaged in anything even remotely approaching anarchism?

  9. sapphireandsteel

    Come on TPP “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain”.

    With enough work you might get this English thing.

  10. sapphireandsteel

    “after I work to make a living for myself.”

    Is rent boy an actual job in Canada?

  11. You’re hardly an anarchist RT lol, it is more a stab at the G20 protester- types who surround me.

  12. Grammins: The only thing worse than “G20 protester types” are the thuggish riot police dispatched to mishandle them.

  13. S&S: I was trying to ignore TPP, but yes, that remark did strike me as kind of amusing. It’s the hallmark of a deadbeat basement dweller to make such a claim; the theory being that anyone not entirely in love with the right-wing agenda must be a welfare loafer or dirty hippie without a “real” job…

  14. jkg

    You mean to tell me that those who dare exercise any free expression and dissention to the neoliberal alter of globalization is not relegated to some fringe as the likes of Cherry and Ford enjoy to illustrate with boundless caricature? Well, one should get onto the phone with Ezra and console with another conspiracy about the leftist establishment out to get him.

    As much as this comic is partisan, one thing it does accomplish is to reveal some very specific lapses in Harper’s economic policy. I was half-expecting that the CPC would generally follow the philosophy echoed by the oh-so charming Kevin O’Leary in that you do not tax the corporation but the individual. It turns out that despite the token gestures of reducing the GST, the tax burden as net shifted to the individual. That appears to be a well established fact, yet I am surprised that is not put out to the fore more often. Realistically, it probably would the NDP who would be able to articulate that, if at all.

  15. sapphireandsteel

    I moved to Yaletown recently Ive been accused of living in communes, or with my mom and even once with my mom in a commune. Guess I’ll have to show her the new place. She’ll love a Yaletown commune.

    Reminds me of that comment from Harper years ago about Liberals living in ghettos out west. If I live in a ghetto they can keep Calgary. 🙂

  16. Well, I do happen to live in a ghetto. This is my ‘hood:

    Hey, don’t diss Calgary. I lived there years ago and really enjoyed it. In fact, I would say that it offered the best overall “quality of life” for a young couple of modest means with kids of just about any community in which I’ve lived over the years (and that’s a lot!).

  17. sapphireandsteel

    Just a friendly poke:) I was pleasantly surprised when I was there last actually. Urban sprawl is still a major problem but people seem way friendlier than the first of many times there. This time I stayed in the city & didnt venture out to places like Cremona. Now if you want to talk about places that suck…

  18. S&S: Heh. Maybe it’s time for another round of “Canada’s Worst Cities” that I did on a previous version of this blog.

    Sprawl is kind of understandable in a place like Calgary… After all, there’s an almost unlimited amount of open expanse around the city.

    Not sure if they’re still pursuing the idea, but back in the 90s they were looking at the concept of building self-contained suburban “towns” around the city designed for telecommuters and such who didn’t really need to trek into the city… Places that would provide a unique sense of community and range of facilities on a small scale, within access to pedestrians, while still being in the business/cultural orbit of the city itself.

    Probably a pipe dream that never amounted to anything…

  19. sapphireandsteel

    I did notice some modifications to the highways in order to improve traffic flow but it’s really too early to tell whether they’ll improve traffic or not. Ive always loved the lack of architectural standards within Calgary; and I mean this in an entirely good thing as there are some interesting buildings in the oddest places. Coming from a city that looks like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude from a distance, variety is a nice thing.

    I think I just dont understand the “wide open spaces” worldview anymore. After years of living in tiny flats in London, I find my microscopic apartment quite comforting, plus the air is far cleaner than Soho. No need for a rag to wipe off the diesel fumes.

    Suburban towns would be a pretty interesting thing to see around Calgary. It could definitely help to develop a more diverse and stable local economy and bring benefits to existing towns but what do I know… As long as the community created isnt like the one Jason Robards ran in A Boy and His Dog

  20. The “towns” envisaged reminded me of Seahaven, the fictional setting for “The Truman Show”… or the more actual Seaside, Florida, a town “designed to reflect a simpler time, when meals were shared, stories entertained and walking was how people got around.” (Seriously — that’s right from their website.)

  21. philosoraptor

    The “Pinko Leftist” buttons that have since surfaced remind me of the left’s intolerance and sensitivity toward any dissident view,

    I don’t understand this comment. Cherry’s remarks weren’t divisive, insensitive, or even intolerant? Is that was is implied? Were they less so than the buttons that were created in response to them? And what exactly is so intolerant about reacting to ludicrous comments designed to ideogically divide us even further? Wasn’t Cherry inviting such a response?

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