How Conservative is Stephen Harper?

This is a poll for conservatives only (both “big C” and “little C” varieties).

Taking into account his overall governance and various policy factors such as fiscal management, social issues, immigration, defence, environment, etc., how would you rate Stephen Harper and his party as being in alignment with your own personal view of conservative principles, values, and ideological objectives as you see them?

Note to non-conservatives: Please don’t vote on this because it would defeat the purpose. You’re welcome of course to comment, but refrain from voting just to skew the results. I’d like to do something similar with respect to the other parties and will ask for the same respect from our conservative friends in that instance.


10 Replies to “How Conservative is Stephen Harper?”

  1. Mr Harper is a liberal.

    What else can be said?

    Look at his record and his actions.

    What a shame.

  2. Actually, given how Harper and his minions have spend, given to friends and basically indebted Canada, he’s a Conservative… Mulroney must be so proud.

  3. CWTF: Or not… The TorStar isolated Mulroney’s kind of tepid reaction with respect to Harper the other day. While saying that he’d most definitely vote for a toaster or inanimate rock running under the Conservative banner, he had nothing good to say about Harper, while at the same time tossing personal compliments to Ignatieff, Layton, and even Duceppe for their various qualities.

  4. SF: I think we’re all pretty clear on where you stand on the issue.

    I was more interested to gauge the sentiments of those who may not have such a finely articulated stance on the matter…

  5. Oh, by the way, Red (just in case you’ve not yet been alerted), the story on the elderly man getting ejected from the Harper rally about which you Tweeted is funny, hilarious actually, because it’s not true. The site it’s on is an Onion-style spoof site.

    Apologies in advance if your comment on it was meant to imply, “If it weren’t so sad that this parody so nearly describes something that Harper’s goons might actually do, it would be funny”. 😉

  6. I suppose it speaks volumes that the story appeared to be remotely plausible. Although, to be honest, I did have my reservations about it… there were some details that just seemed to beg further investigation. However, it was late and I didn’t feel up to the task at the time.

    My bad.

  7. CWTF, in Mulroney’s defense, he inherited a mess left by the Liberals. Yes he should/could have done more, but options were limited and the public will to make drastic changes was not there. That will to make sacrifices was given to the Chretien government.

    To contrast, Harper inherited a great financial state from the Liberals (with an assist from Mulroney’s GST) …and squandered all the sacrifices made in the 1990’s. We blew a $12 billion contingency and placed us in a structural deficit before the recession even hit.

    Most bloated bureaucracy, biggest deficit and biggest spending government in Canadian history. The only thing conservative about this government is the party name – and it most certainly does not reflect the values I held as a Tory. Shape-shifting and winning power at any cost was supposed to be the Grit’s MO.

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