Why Harper is Not a Fascist

Miss Ruby Jones aka “HarperGirl” explains why Dr. Lawrence Britt’s well known “14 identifying characteristics of fascism” don’t apply to Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party.

Whenever I see “HarperGirl” I can’t help but think of the female contingent of the Bloggin’ Tories who behave in much the same way. The only difference being, of course, that they are entirely serious.



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11 responses to “Why Harper is Not a Fascist

  1. Penny Nielsen

    That was hilarious. I’ll be forwarding the site to others.

    Penny N.

  2. sassy

    What Penny said! 🙂

  3. TofKW

    Very silly really since the USA is much, much further along the road to fascism than we are, and IMHO are just one more 911-style attack away from Marshall law – regardless if Obama is the prez or not.

    That being said, it is surprising how many of Dr Britt’s 14-points are in some way or another being loosely employed by Harper and his version of the Conservative party. And it is well known that he is an admirer of Stalin’s iron rule …and I wish I was making that up.

  4. philosoraptor

    Hey Red, not sure if you’ve seen this Agenda yet, but there’s a relatively interesting contained herein: Broken Party Politics

  5. philosoraptor

    Should be:
    “…a relatively interesting conversation contained herein…”

  6. Dave: I hadn’t read your comment before now, but was pleased to as I’ve already posted that just a few minutes ago.

    Great minds, you know… 😉

  7. TofKW: Yeah, I know it was silly, but also kind of amusing. A lot of folks applied the same treatment to Bush years ago and it was surprising how many aspects of Britt’s definition fit that administration. Of course nobody really takes it all that seriously which is perhaps an indication of how “fascism” has become mainstreamed.

  8. TofKW

    I in fact did consider the Bush administration a pseudo-fascist government after the 911-attack. It may have eased somewhat since Obama became president but, as I wrote earlier, one more major terrorist attack and all bets are off. I personally see the Americans as more than happy to trade their civil liberties for military rule and expanded foreign entanglements.

  9. TofKW

    Sorry, yes I did get the comedic effect from “HarperGirl” – in case you were wondering after I jumped into serious-mode.

  10. I don’t see Obama as being much of an improvement over Bush. In some respects, he’s even worse. Sure, the guy doesn’t make me viscerally cringe whenever he opens his mouth as did Bush, but otherwise he’s been an enormous disappointment. Not that my expectations we’re all that high to begin with. I always knew that he was a trimmer and compromiser of the worst sort. To be sure, better than McCain-Palin — which would have been a complete train wreck — but that’s not saying much.

    He will, however, make a terrific ex-President.

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