Harper’s Facebook Fascism

A witty little retort from the LPC about the recent incident with the young woman and her friend who were abruptly removed from a Stephen Harper rally in London when it was discovered by staffers at the event (via her Facebook page – how weird they would be cross-checking in the first place) that she may just possibly be a Liberal sympathizer.

Fortunately, I’ve been too busy of late to really follow the election campaign all that closely, but certain things do tend to leap out from all the boring rhetoric, silly photo-ops, and empty promises, as being significant. Oddly, though it’s perhaps relatively trivial in the scheme of things – Harper was certainly dismissive of it, disavowing any responsibility and blaming it on staffers (big surprise) – I really do think this is noteworthy because it’s indicative of a creepy and disturbing mindset that permeates at all levels the current iteration of the Conservative Party under Harper.

Don’t take the title of this post too seriously, by the way. I’m not one of those people who seriously imagine that the Harper Conservatives are, by any stretch of the imagination, actually fascists. They do, however, seem vaguely annoyed by the democratic process, averse to transparency, and yes, even “un-Canadian” as some have alleged – at least in the sense of using the same kind of reprehensible techniques that were employed by Bush-Cheney at their artfully staged events to exclude anyone who wasn’t already a confirmed supporter. Sorry, but that’s just not the way things work in this country – or at least, it wasn’t until recently.

One other thing… Curiously, this hasn’t been raised by the press, but I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if there wasn’t some racial profiling involved in this and other reported incidents of people being “flagged” by the RCMP. Awish Aslam, Aref Hamadi, Ismail Hirji… think there might be a pattern of some kind there?


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15 responses to “Harper’s Facebook Fascism

  1. phil

    I am considering posting bioterror blueprints on all blogs until I’m banned. I had a hookup in the who I thought was cool, but wound up with two solidified chunks of god knows what after dried. Now I’m SOL my existing new connect. The allocation of the scarce resources in the future will be based on mind states beyond $10000/yr PPP (for which market forces appear very good). I hate myself so much now. CPC is taking us to a dead end where people get fat and live to 70s and die. And civilization might not survive AGW let alone future $quadrillions/yr market failures. Harper has put dealers in a position of power over me and I am seriously considering retaliating. There might be a manchurian candidate implant or drug that destabilizes Earth analogous to facebook spread of unrest now. There will be a need for a RW brake on that but Harper and GOP are arresting potheads and hard drugs users now without even considering effects of psychotropic fiending (smaokes), being high, non psychotropic fiending (coffee)…leaving us totally defenseless against the future. We could limit the number of people high on 22nd crack at any given time. Charge more beyond 1st two beers. Force free will with weekly or monthly sobriety discounts/legislation. I really wish I could get my serotonin or dopamine or whatever from families and a healthy relationship, but that hasn’t been my life to date. AB is +$35B and minus $21B in revenue payments a yr. What is that adjusted for inflation historically? What will that be a carbon free future? What are the costs of following down the neocon road that has led USA to a deadend? Beyond the first $10000, sprawl is a useless arms race. In AB, a cool coworker mentioned how clean Cgy is noticing my 7-straight FT shift beard. A fat guy with a hotchick on the bus noted I could make $50000-$60000 telemarketing (hope he doesn’t have diabetes or stroke). People made fun of a mentally ill guy who did the hardest job (picking on chimney fluff). Is fine but should’ve been making $10/hr, not $16+/hr. They used their pay to reinforce ego.
    I can’t buy coffee with a woman who doesn’t want me. Can’t buy peace of mind. That comes from good nuclear family or good Crowns.

  2. Ahhh! The wall of text!

    Paragraphs, Phil… paragraphs.

    Seriously, I cannot read diatribes like that. I just tune out. I suspect I’m not the only one.

  3. Bob

    Hey Martin, still talking to ghosts?

  4. Bob: If you have something to say, then do so. Otherwise, fuck off.

  5. John

    I sometimes vote Conservative sometimes Liberal. Right now the Liberals have nothing to say to me but Harper has driven me to make a hard choice. No party should be using the RCMP to vet rally attenders. Anyone who makes a serious disturbance should be removed, forcibly if necessary, but every Canadian should have the right to hear what the proposed leaders have to say. No one gets my vote this time round.

  6. I can’t buy coffee with a woman who doesn’t want me. Can’t buy peace of mind.

    Oh dear. Looks like Bob Dylan’s kicking around on his kids’ laptop again.

    And, yes, the “ethnic” dimension of this latest paranoid absurdity is fascinating indeed. As is the evident fact that the RCMP is helping the CPC screen the participants of its partisan photo-ops. I guess we’re all comfortable with the federal police force being seconded to the CPC war-room.

  7. SF:

    Just don’t call it Fascism.



  8. ATY:

    How about “Harperism”?

    The latest news reports indicate that the force has admonished the constables who did the vetting. That’s nice to see. The real problem was, of course, not so much Harper’s partisan exploitation of the Mounties, which was to be expected, but the officers’ docile availability for exploitation. They should have known better.

  9. It is entirely consistent with what I warned Harper would be like and that the real problem with a Harper government would be serious abuse of power scandals. It really sucks being Cassandra, especially when a part of you really wishes you were going to be proven wrong, as there was with me (not that I believed I would be, just that there was a part of me that desperately wanted to believe that I had to be seeing worse than was really there instead of what turned out to be an even worse reality than even my darkest suspicions).

    I said at Dave’s place (Galloping Beaver) in the Conservative Stazi thread that the list keeping and the using it to filter out anyone that might not be a full member of the CPC collective hive mind (since Harper lacks access to the needed nanotech he has to use these old fashioned methods) did not surprise me at all, indeed I assumed such data mining and filtering was already going on. What did surprise me was how freely it was being admitted to. I’ve said for years and detailed why, as you well know RT that Harper is a fundamental threat to our democratic structures and the institutions by which we govern ourselves, this is but the latest in a long line of examples of his naked contempt for playing by the same rules the rest of us have to, you know following the law is optional if you are Harper unlike the rest of us.

    The involvement of the RCMP here is also troubling, but what I’ve been wondering is whether this really was officers not knowing any better or was there an unofficial information from the top cop on down to fellow cops that were CPC supporters that they should feel free to integrate this closely. Given what we are seeing coming out regarding the top RCMP officer and the Bruce Carson affair and the questions regarding how he could possibly have been cleared by that now top cop for his security clearances this is not to my mind an unimportant question nor a stretch/reach in terms of something to be worried about actually happening.

    As to your final point RT regarding the ethnicity, well given everything else we have seen from the actions of the Harper regime when it comes to protecting the rights of especially those Canadian citizens of ethnic backgrounds you may well be on to something. It certainly would not be atypical, which of course only further underscores the fundamental contempt Harper has for Canadians that are not his kind of Canadians (indeed, that contempt is so strong that it translates to being either you are with him or you are the enemy to be destroyed, there is no such thing as a loyal opposition to Harper’s vision of Canadians and Canada judging by his actions to date) indeed for any kind of Canada that is not the one he has in his mind (as opposed to the one he has told us about since the 2004 election when he suddenly transformed himself into a centrist…ya right). These are further examples of the underlying reason why I have been such an adamant foe of Harper’s, not out of any sense of partisanship but because I actually believed in the reality of the Canada that is progressive, diverse, tolerant, and willing to try to find compromise with honour between various honestly held political beliefs/philosophies with the welfare of all citizens as the primary goal. Indeed, I saw Canada as on the path towards actually being a Just Society to borrow a term/description from one of the truly great PMs of our nation. Harper has done much to undermine this and done massive damage in terms of undermining institutions and setting horrendous precedents that also weaken said political institutions/infrastructure.

    It also kills me to watch what the RCMP have become, I have a familial connection involved here who was a legend of her time and for well beyond it too, and to see what the institution she was so involved with and loved so dearly become what it has is especially sickening for me entirely aside from any political sense/aspects involved.

  10. Saundrie is back ! Welcome home old friend ….

  11. ditto. now we don’t need sir francis anymore….


  12. It must be glorious to have such uncomplicated needs. What’s the secret?

  13. It gets even worse!! The CONs kicked one person out of a Harper rally for a Facebook comment that was 6 YEARS OLD!! That’s a serious search!

    And how are they accessing this information? Were these people Facebook “friends” of a Conservative politician that enabled access to read their posts?


    Years-old Facebook post linked to Guelph student’s removal from Harper rally

  14. jkg

    I am surprised, Red, that you have not been graced by Vanguard yet with their linking to The Black Rod about all the ‘missing facts’ (like Terry Milewski is a Liberal attack dog!) about Izzy Hirji. It has lit up over at Macleans (Btw, Sir Francis, what will it take for you to come back to that continual reenactment of Boxer Rebellion I like to call Macleans comment boards? Maybe I am just a masochist).

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