Adding Insult to Injury

It’s bad enough that Harper’s lackeys (aided by the RCMP) would turf people from his rallies because of they were suspected of not being faithful party drones, but concocting a patently ridiculous explanation for the inexcusable actions of his “team” takes matters to a new level.

Not only is Harper’s strange new twist on events thoroughly insulting to the intelligence of voters who are expected to swallow this demonstrably false codswallop, but most especially to the seemingly earnest individuals involved.

All reports clearly indicate they were not turned away at the door because there was an overflow crowd as Harper now seems to be claiming, but were targeted for quite dubious reasons and then marched out of the rallies they were already attending.

This situation – and again, I’ll admit it’s somewhat trivial in nature on a certain level – may however be an appropriate metaphor for what’s wrong with Harper as a leader and Prime Minister.

The man is evidently incapable of admitting when an obvious cock-up has been made under his watch and dealing with it in a forthright manner. Instead, his default position is always an amalgam of contempt, denial, prevarication and hostility. Little wonder that the shambolic parliaments which he’s headed since 2006 are always so acrimonious and, by his own admission, “dysfunctional” in the way they operate…


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4 responses to “Adding Insult to Injury

  1. John

    Wow, RT.

    This is one of your best posts. I really think you stepped back from the daily spin, counter-spin, buzz, and media narratives to hit upon a basic issue.

    I think in order to achieve a basic breakthrough with the public, and break the “Harper” spell, which I find akin to battered spouse syndrome, Ignatieff (or the other leaders) have to be able to do the same. It will take someone defining the choice in a clear and consistent manner to expose the heart of the matter . . . Harper’s manner of governing is simply unhealthy for parliament and ultimately for Canada.

  2. Yes indeed such contemptuousness is unhealthy to democracy and to the nation but unfortunately ugly, hateful, contemptuous politics doesn’t necessarily translate into electoral failure. And conversely, honest, upright, open politics doesn’t necessarily translate into electoral success. The saddest fact is that many of Harper’s followers are themselves hateful, angry, and contemptuous people and they like John Baird’s offensive vitriol and Harper’s attitude toward democracy. And the United States demonstrates that if you can keep people divided and ignorant, then you can take advantage of that part of society that is angry and hateful to rule society to the advantage of the worst kind of power and capitalism.

  3. jkg

    If the reaction to Chretien’s Liberals was that it was a government who sunk to prevarication and contempt for the electorate as pre-government neoconservatives would have us believe, then I seriously question the rationalization as to why similar antics of Harper’s Ministry should be tolerated and rewarded with a majority. My suspicion is that the cynical approach to appeasing the voter base is working. Create as much disconnect between the potential implications of an action like this and the sensibilities of the average voter, and this can be explained away and ignored.

    It is perfectly fine to be a voter that is entrenched in some ego-centrism and realpolitik , but it is a mark of a blind partisanship to appeal instantly to ‘principles’ and self-defining abstractions as to what constitutes Canada’s democracy only when it is ‘not your side’ who is committing this ‘violation.’ Given the rise in demographically specific vote targeting (which initially brought the CPC to power as documented by Paul Wells), I suspect damning events like this will be reduced to mere peccadilloes in which the dedicated populist CPC supporter will just shrug and say “What does this matter to you and me?” Well, back in 2004, it had everything to do with us apparently.

  4. Ethan

    I predict that Harper will stop the problem of non-CPC drones straying him off message by requiring all attendees to be members of the Harperjugend.

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