NIMBY: Nebraska Edition

Ah, the irony… Seems some Nebraskans are rather concerned that a Canadian company’s plans to run an oil pipeline through their territory might possibly pollute the Ogallala Aquifer. Well, aren’t they special?

This from the same right-wing crowd that screams “Drill baby, drill!” (their version of an “energy plan”) and complains incessantly about big government regulation.


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One response to “NIMBY: Nebraska Edition

  1. MW

    I wouldn’t be so quick to stuff all ranchers and farmers into the “Drill Baby Drill” box. Fiscally and socially right wing they may be, but they’re also connected to the land much more than a neo-con NASCAR fan in suburban Winston-Salem NC. Not all ranchers and farmers in AB like having pumpjacks all through their fields either. The biggest irony is that Al-Jazeera is reporting the story. They are essentially the Qatari CBC.

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