Ignatieff in London

At a press conference last week:

Good show. Actually, it’s kind of nice to see a politician just rambling a bit in a somewhat unscripted fashion. There’s another part to this presser, but you get the idea…

Thanks to Robinamsa for posting this footage.



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2 responses to “Ignatieff in London

  1. I’ve actually been impressed by Iggy’s performance in the campaign, though I suspect he will do no better than 85-90 seats. As for his platform, I remain less impressed. In a time where austerity measures are needed, it is silly to spend billions (Harper is barely better), on new programs. Unlike many, I have some faith in Flaherty, but am unhappy with expensive cookies in his election budget. I think he’ll do better with a more stable parliament. Just my two cents.

  2. I’m not convinced at all that “austerity measures are needed” as you say… Even the IMF these days isn’t touting that line any more.

    I don’t pretend to have the answers when it comes to economics (the subject is totally confusing to me) but it seems clear there’s something fundamentally wrong the system as it is presently constructed and merely tinkering around the margins with punitive “austerity measures” likely won’t do much to help matters. If anything, it will just accelerate the downward spiral and exacerbate the situation to no good end.

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