Transparency (and lack thereof)

Perhaps nothing is so metaphorically appropriate when it comes to illustrating the Harper Conservatives’ arrogant contempt of public scrutiny, transparency, and accountability than its humiliating treatment of the press corps in its latest attempt to obtain a majority government.

I know this juvenile gamesmanship plays remarkably well with the hardcore, bucknutty “base” of the so-called “Conservative” Party that despises the “Lamestream Media” with an irrational fervour, but to most normal, reasonably well-adjusted, and relatively sane human beings, it seems quite outrageous to cage reporters behind steel fences far removed from the Event Du Jour and limit them to less than a handful of questions PER DAY!

Kudos to the spinmeisters behind The Harper Government® with respect to the clever bit of legerdemain in converting their obdurate lack of transparency and accountability into a net plus by picking a fight with the one group of people even more universally despised and held in the lowest contempt by the public than politicians, according to polls: the media.



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Filed under 2011 Canadian Election, HARPER Government of Canada, Media

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