A Burning Issue

If anything demonstrates the utter hopelessness and complete futility of the Canadian “mission” in Afghanistan, this latest incident, where 12 United Nations aid workers were killed (one even beheaded, apparently) as retribution for some crackpot preacher in Florida burning the Qur’an, surely does.

Maybe it’s time that the untold millions of dollars that will be flushed down the toilet of Afghanistan over the next three years of our “mission” in that primitive hellhole were instead invested in our own domestic needs; whether it be fixing roads and bridges or helping lift many of our own citizens out of poverty.

This is an issue where the Liberals have been sorely disappointing over the years since getting us into this insane clusterfuck in the first place. I know many Liberal supporters want to turn a blind eye to it, but it’s something that I believe every Liberal candidate needs to be confronted with. Why won’t they immediately pull the plug on this hopeless and utterly misguided “mission” in Afghanistan that is DOOMED TO FAILURE?


7 Replies to “A Burning Issue”

  1. Completely agree; as much as I still feel for probably a decent majority of sane people that would likely be subject to some form of idiocy after we all left, I think we need to allow them to find their way on their own and be open to support them financially and with some civil society and technological know-how if/when the situation warrants it.

    If we are to stay there, we obviously need to find a completely novel strategy, what we did in the past 10 years seems to have made very little difference and don’t think it was worth the lives (on all sides) destroyed or messed up, nor the wasted resources.

    Somehow, I think we will just hear some pre-fabricated statements from both the Libs and the Cons when this issue will show up (if it even does).

    Anybody has a decent idea of what would is likely to happen there if everybody foreign (at least of a NATO colour) leaves the place tomorrow?

  2. ICIU: Needless to say, I completely agree with you.

    If all Western forces (NATO, US, Coalition) were to pull out tomorrow, there would be complete chaos… but so what? The same could be said in 5, 10, or 15 years from now. I mean, how many “experts” over the years have solemnly told us that this will be a “multi-generational” conflict… I don’t doubt for a moment that they were right.

    Let the Afghans sort things out for themselves. And if that involves another bloody civil war… well, so be it. It’s really none of our business. All of our meddlesome interventions in their internal affairs are, at best, merely forestalling an ethno-sectarian power struggle that needs to play itself out on their own terms.

  3. I grew up in a communist country and our fearless leader (Ceausescu) has as one of his favourite mantras “…and nobody intervenes in anybody’s our internal affairs”. It was pretty clear what he was trying to protect and truth be told, despite complete popular support for the uprising (i.e. like in Libya and the rest of those Arab countries today), when his days came to an end, it is very likely that the whole thing has been ignited by somebody meddling into our own internal affairs 🙂

    In a such interdependent world (existence really), I am not so sure that the wisest and most compassionate course is to allow them another few generations of pointless strife… I have not been for our intervention there (not even on day one, that concert that Canada had to support the Afghan people before the world even begun was something pretty nice as much as it was pointless), never supported it and would be OK with a unilateral withdrawal tomorrow but… is there is really no other option given the current circumstances, is there really nothing else that we can do that would make all sides consider even for one moment that there is a solution that does not involve a complete obliteration of the other side?

    Yes, burning the Quran was not terribly smart but after all, despite its significance for a couple of billion of people, it is just a conceptual artifact, man-made, no matter who dictated what to whom and when… the response from those few in a far distant land seems to be indicative of some deeper resentment that has really nothing to do with a rather silly and childish event performed by somebody with a toddler’s grasp on reality… how desperate and confused somebody needs to be to work themselves up into such a frenzy over such a benign event? I trust that the vast majority of Muslim believers have been as distressed as anybody else over such a response, personally, I do not see 99.999999%+ of people in this world capable of killing anybody else over some symbolic burning of any book that was ever written so the question is… do we really need to make a big circus about each mental disease that manifests itself in various ways on this planet?

  4. sorry for all the typos, on a second reading, some of them are making the commentary pretty funny (sounding almost loony) 🙂

  5. Harper’s good buddy and corrupt puppet Hamid Karzai didn’t exactly help matters by publicly denouncing the Qur’an burning — an otherwise non-event that would probably have gone completely unnoticed… (as it did in the West where the “event” was ignored by the media).

    Why he did that poses an interesting question…

  6. Um because Karzai is a douchebag who most of the world wouldn’t even trust hooking up their DVD player?

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