Red Tory v.3.03

Back to the Future!

Some housekeeping notes…

I’m going to change the design theme of the blog over the weekend.

As much as I really like Michael Tyson’s “Elegant Grunge” design for WordPress, it has some peculiar shortcomings and restrictions that have been pushing my restive OCD buttons for some time now… Plus, I think that header with the Gustave Doré etching of naked people tumbling into the pit of Hell really needs to be revisited.

So, expect to see something fresh next week…
Which most probably will just be a return to the old, reliable, more mainstream “Twenty Ten” theme, but I’m hoping with some new twists.



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11 responses to “Red Tory v.3.03

  1. add another w.c., would ya?


  2. Iciu

    The pit of hell theme is pretty one sided, good idea to drop it… now, going with a heavenly one may not be the answer 🙂 How do you conceptualize/visualize something that just is and in a beginningless context?

  3. A. Cynic

    Please take a few minutes & watch this video. It was posted on You Tube by “Angry Tory”. This is not me, but I think he sums up what a lot of people are feeling. Please share with as many people as possible. Thank You.

  4. clean-up on the canned meats aisle.


  5. KEv: I’ll see what I can do.

  6. Awww. I liked the banner with all the books. I was rather looking forward to reading Tomm and his cave-dwelling confederates hurl the inchoate slurs against your “elitism” that are sure to be inspired by any implied respect for (or even awareness of) literacy.

  7. That’s the default, but I kind of missed my retro “Arrow Shirt Men”… What can I say? Feels like home again.

  8. paint the room red and drive the man crazy!


  9. Hey, it’s patriotic… Red and White. Same layout as the flag. Didn’t know I could change the background of this template.

  10. Beijing York

    I like the new look!

  11. Glad you like it. Feels like home again.

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