A facetious “public service announcement” (brilliantly produced and edited by Julian Francis Adderley) in support of Canadian citizens opposed to the re-election of Stephen Harper and the Conservative party in the upcoming 2011 federal election.

Bonus feature: A compilation of Harper’s relentless – and thoroughly ridiculous – fear-mongering over the past several days about the dreaded, eeeeevil COALITION and its links to the Bloc Québécois (apparently, the nefarious “driving force” behind the aforementioned “ramshackle” coalition).

Maybe this unbelievably dumb, cynical, and completely disingenuous shit plays well to his base (go figure) and is effective in getting them off their backsides to vote, but surely, at some point in the campaign, all this nonsensical talk about a “coalition” (that doesn’t even exist!) must begin to sound like an absurd joke…


3 Replies to “Coali-zzzzz-on”

  1. Paul Wells made an interesting point that stuck in my mind about what the coalition means to Harper on a personal level.

    The scene is Harper discussing the Dion/Layton coalition deal in 2008:
    “It fell to Jay Hill to make the strongest appeal. “Prime Minister,” he said quietly, “If you give up power now, I don’t know if you can survive as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.”

    In this moment, if Wells is to believed, Harper concedes quietly that the Conservative party will finally lose patience with him (Harper) if he no longer is Prime Minister. Without the discipline of power, his party will turn against him.

    If we are supposed to speculate about the configuration of power after the election then we should definitely also consider the possibility of Harper stepping down shortly after the election if the Conservatives win less than the majority of seats.

  2. In all honesty, I sure hope such a Coalition does exist (even if just a theoretical prospect at this time). And I sure hope 15 minutes after the election results are in, the Liberals and NDP and why not Greens and maybe the BQ (after all, they are very progressive if you forget about their raison d’etre :)) are asking the Gov Gen for the power; IMHO we need to (completely?) reverse the direction set by the Conservatives in the past few years, I can’t think about one thing that I can fully support or that makes sense for our society in the long run if we are to achieve greater levels of depths.

  3. Someone just brought this to my attention today. Thanks for the post and helping get the word out. There are plenty more to share on my YouTube page.



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