5 Simple Rules

Rex Murphy’s prescription for politicians to increase “real interest” in the election campaign.

1) Throw out the scripts — talk to the people… really.

2) Decide three “big issues” and deal with them, at length.

3) End all ads.

4) Stop sounding professionally pious — speak often from the top of your head and the bottom of your heart.

5) Tell us why your party is right, not why the others are wrong and evil.

Needless to say, none of the above are likely to happen (as if parties would stop advertising or dispense with their scripted talking points…), but I would certainly concur with the sentiment. In the days after the election when the pundits bemoan the dismal voter turnout (that will be historically low, I believe) and wring their hands about the electorate’s apathy and widespread disinterest, perhaps Murphy’s Rx should be given more serious consideration.



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8 responses to “5 Simple Rules

  1. I think Rex is a little too simple with his opinions but unfortunately he reflects a great many others in our beloved country.

    I personally wouldn’t trust any of today’s leaders to leads us down a one way street let alone out of the mire we’re in. That’s why I think that a protest vote is the best message we can send. Join me in this campaign so they can see why 40% didn’t vote last time around. Spoil your ballot, yank their chain


  2. CWTF

    GIven Rex’s past political career results….. What a twat…

  3. philosoraptor

    I thought about spoiling my ballot. With this election, the ideal situation for me would be a CPC minority, since it means that Harper and Ignatieff would both likely resign.

    A CPC majority would ruin my decade.

    I’ll vote strategically to aim for a CPC minority. It sounds strange to me too.

  4. Dave: I’ve heard that theory floated before, but I’m not sure it’s entirely valid. Sure, the Conservatives would be disappointed at once again not achieving their long sought-after majority, but a strong minority would still see them in power for the next few years, carrying on the same and implementing all of their wrong-headed programs.

    Yes, it would result in another leadership contest for the Liberals, but I’m not so sure Harper would feel compelled to leave. It’s not like there are a lot of attractive alternatives waiting in the wings…

  5. philosoraptor

    Well, let me put it this way. I can’t see myself voting Conservative, for a very large number of reasons. That leaves Libs or NDP. In all likelihood my vote will be with the Libs, since the Liberal in my riding is the incumbent and has never given me any reason to unseat him. Also, if the Libs pull off a minority then so much the better. As it is, it looks like every Liberal vote will be required just to prevent a CPC majority.

    I guess the summary is that I’m not willing to make a statement spoiling my ballot (although the temptation is high) on the very frightening possibility of a Conservative majority.

  6. I think we’re in agreement then because that’s pretty much the way I feel too. I can’t bear the thought of 4-5 years with a Harper majority government.

    That said, there is an element of morbid curiosity involved… And, of course, the notion of giving them sufficient rope to hang themselves with.

  7. hitfan

    Point #5 is physically impossible to achieve. This only happens in electoral regions where the incumbent is so far ahead, that they can afford the luxury to not to say that their opponent is evil.

  8. Iciu

    I am not a big fan of Rex but I find myself agreeing with everything he says here; funny how so many people do become wiser (IMHO) as they age and they abandon the traditional/conventional/practical methods of engagement, finally realizing that there is another way that does not make you throw up in your mouth every other minute and learn to actually enjoy it, “cause that is reality”

    Can the people that completely discounted Rex’ opinion elaborate on their feelings?

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