Weiner v. Paul

Once again it’s time to demonstrate my hypothesis that, generally speaking, right-wingers have no sense of humour (or to be a little more charitable, let’s say they have a rather poor grasp of what is actually funny). In this regard, behold the difference between the speeches of Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner and Republican Senator Rand Paul at last night’s Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner.




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3 responses to “Weiner v. Paul

  1. The interesting thing here is that Weiner’s material isn’t necessarily funnier than Paul’s; he’s just a funnier person.

    That’s not necessarily a good thing, by the way—at least not in a politician: give Dubya and Obama the same material, and Shrub would slay whilst Obama would just die out there, like poor Rand.

  2. Gordon S

    I disagree, SF, rightwingers are truly just not funny. I’m pretty sure the only funny conservatives are of the libertarian persuasion, such as Doug Stanhope. Every other one is all Liberal Hunting Permits and “oops, no WMD here lol”.

  3. SF: Not so sure about that:

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