VI Follies

An amusing report from A-Channel News about Harper’s somewhat muddled photo-op visit the other day to Vancouver Island.

Hey, I may be living in Winnipeg at the moment, but my heart will always be in Victoria…

It’s really too bad that Keith Martin decided to step down as MP for Esquimalt Juan de Fuca. Given that’s the case however, in order to avoid pointless vote-splitting, I would strongly urge every Liberal (and Green Party) supporter in that riding to get behind NDP candidate Randall Garrison, as he has the best chance of defeating perennial Conservative Party hack Troy DeSouza (or as my wife prefers to call him, “Fat Tony”).

Unfortunately, newcomer Liberal candidate Lillian Szpak doesn’t have a chance (she’s an obscure Langford councilor and won’t get much traction in outside the Western Communities), so a vote for her would just increase the likelihood of a DeSouza victory.



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2 responses to “VI Follies

  1. Dan

    A federal candidate is going to get a bridge built? Federalism fail.

  2. Heh. No kidding.

    And not even a bridge… a highway overpass of limited significance.

    Talk about thinking big!

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