That’s the title of the Liberals’ scary negative attack ad, as seen here:

Doesn’t quite sync up with Ignatieff’s message on the stump that “it is time to say ‘Enough is enough.’ Enough of the politics of fear. Enough of the politics of division. Enough of the politics of personal destruction.”



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11 responses to “Corruption

  1. Dan

    Most successful campaigns in the past couple decades have the message that we have to move beyond the dirty politics of the past with a positive vision of the future and by the way the other guy is corrupt and evil.

  2. Northern PoV

    At the risk of being accused of saying they did it first 😉 …..
    Harper has proved that Canadians are brain-dead. His 5 years of say-one-thing but do-the-opposite has failed to register on the cognitive dissonance scale. Iggy can get away with this little maneuver ….
    btw can I mention the Catch 22 campaign to defeat Harper while I’m here? 😉

  3. Shiner

    I don’t like it when people lump actual politically relevant issues in with “dirty politics” and “fear” mongering. Huge difference between personal attacks on Ignatieff, his family, and hypothetical future political scenarios and presenting a list of actual abuses of power that have taken place. Should the Liberals not be allowed to bring up in-and-out, Carson, Oda, the Harper Government? Or just not in ad form? Taking the high road in an election doesn’t mean not calling the sitting government on their scandals and screw-ups, that’s an important part of determining whether to throw the bums out.

  4. EXACTLY Shiner! This NOT an attack ad. I consider personal or family attacks as “attack” ads. Let’s get this straight: The job of the f’n opposition is to OPPOSE and attack government policy for what it is.

    That is NOT an attack. Let’s not buy into the press meme about what attack ads are and aren’t.

    Iggy promised to hit back at Harper, and now we’re doing it. BRAVO!

  5. CWTF

    It’s about time that Iggy hit back…

  6. “Attack”? I would describe this as “information”.

    If it had been a real attack ad, it would have closed with a smiling Ignatieff staring into the camera and announcing, “Remember—Stephen Harper is vermin who hates Canada”. Something along those lines would have been more to my taste, frankly, but this will do until the real thing comes along.

    Moreover, the Libs had better stay negative: should they lapse into bore-fest policy wonkery, they’ll doom themselves to a Dion-style drawing and quartering, thereby institutionalising the CPC as the natural governing party for at least a decade and possibly extinguishing the Liberals as a federally viable organisation.

    The piss and vinegar coming from Ignatieff and his war room suggest to me that they’ve finally taken the measure of Harper, that they know they can’t just politely mess about, sotto voce, with Cartesian policy platitudes this time, that the very existence of the party is now at stake, and that they’re going to have to pull something extraordinary out of the hat if they’re to remove their collective stones from underneath the electoral sledgehammer being held aloft by a loosely knotted length of unwaxed dental floss.

  7. D.I.D.

    Canadian federal politics has revolved around the scaremongering of an uninformed electorate for too long… -.-

    As to what Shiner said, yes there should be distinction between rabid personal attacks and attacking politically relevent abuses of power, but maybe it should have concluded with a pledge by the Libs to do better rather than silently promising us the same old dirty tactics whoever runs the clown-show we call Ottawa as of late.

  8. Fair comments all.

    I do think there’s a distinction to be made between this ad and the ones that the Harper Conservatives have been issuing over the past few years at the cost of millions of dollars attacking Ignatieff — all of which were little more than nasty, ad hominem smears.

    So thanks everyone for pointing out the difference.

  9. Gordon S

    Still waiting for the ‘Ignatieff supports child porn’ ad.

  10. TofKW

    Gordon S wrote:
    “Still waiting for the ‘Ignatieff supports child porn’ ad.”

    You say that as if the Reformatards won’t go there. I distinctly remember Stockwell Day accusing Jean Chretien of this during the 2000 Leadership Debate.

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