Police Action

Funny video of a confrontation between a well-informed cyclist with a helmet-cam and a police officer in the U.K.

Warning: Don’t try this in Seattle!



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4 responses to “Police Action

  1. I wonder what the law actually says in the UK. In Canada, a cyclist is considered a “driver,” and is subject to the same law as a car driver–i.e., must produce ID on request.

    Truth is–and this is strange coming from me, I knows–I kind of found myself on PC Plod’s side during this encounter. Maybe it’s the hour.

  2. Until he got so frustrated that he tried to dismantle the helmet camera, I’m assuming…

    Yeah, I have to admit that this Danny character was a bit of a pill and would try the patience of just about anyone.

    Another thing: Did he actually commit the traffic violation that PC Stout claimed to have seen?

  3. CWTF

    Given the recent abuses from our police, I’m a little less forgiving towards them. The older I get, the more I look upon police as ignorant thugs. Maybe it’s the way they behave in Canada….

  4. Well, the way they behave in Canada is nothing compared to south of the border. My snarky little reference to Seattle was not without reason.

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