Piano Man

Sitting down earlier today, right here in Winnipeg, to play music with 10-year-old Internet sensation Maria Aragon (she of Lady Gaga fame), Stephen Harper attempts to show that he’s more than just a robotic wanker — he can also sing quite badly.

I presume this photo-op has something to do with the proposed Children’s Arts Tax Credit that would allow families to deduct up to $500 per year for the cost of enrolling in arts programs. It’s not a bad idea, but again it prompts the question: why wasn’t it in the last budget?



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11 responses to “Piano Man

  1. Though my ears are bleeding slightly, these kind of moments (regardless of the leader involved) are strangely endearing. I suspect it is that I expect, and generally receive, the worst from our elected officials, so much so that contrived photo-ops with the everyman soften my viewpoint ever so slightly. Actually I puked a little in my mouth, but it was more from a brief thought of Iggy being in that close proximity to an impressionable youth, than it was from
    PMSH’s shitty singing.

  2. Rotterdam

    He sings better then me.

  3. Well, me too, but I’m not going on camera to demonstrate that fact.

  4. That nice, unthreatening, extremely Caucasian yet patronisingly-friendly-to-ethnic-kids man just got my vote.

  5. Bob

    Stated another way, under Michael Ignatieff, the Liberals are in even worse shape going into an election in Quebec than they were under Stéphane Dion in September 2008, when they were at 16 per cent.


  6. ck

    This should cure you of that dreadful rendiditon of Imagine. Seriously. Somewhere, John Lennon is rolling around in his grave.

  7. kitt

    Why are the parents of Maria Aragon allowing this abuse?

  8. Beijing York

    @kitt. My guess is that she was invited to the staged event in Winnipeg this evening. I’m just guessing Maria Aragon might be part of the Filipino community and they tend to vote Conservative (well at least in recent years).

  9. billg

    Solid politics, gotta give him that. You guys were human once no?

  10. CWTF

    If this were Iggy, you know he’d be savaged by the BTs…

    So the PM can sing badly… so what?

  11. Bill: LOL. I think we can all agree that this falls into the “mostly harmless” category of political showmanship. Kind of like when Obama went bowling… remember that?

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