Family Values*

Isn’t it funny how our politicians somehow have an epiphany of sorts whenever an election materializes concerning anything to do with the welfare of middle-class families? Normally, they couldn’t give a flying you-know-what about such things, but when it comes time to shamelessly pander to the electorate, they’re suddenly focused on the “kitchen table” issues and ready to make lofty-sounding promises that, alas… will just as soon vanish in a puff of illusory smoke once the suckers voters have cast their ballots.

As usual, Gilles Duceppe scores the win here by tartly observing that if Harper had been serious about his tax proposal aimed at families, it would have been included in last week’s budget.

*Family values may be subject to certain unspecified restrictions based on election results and budgetary considerations at some point in the distant future as yet to be determined by an unnamed committee that may be appointed to study the economic ramifications of the issue and submit its recommendations to another committee that will then bring the matter forward to the House where it will be ignored for several years and eventually stuffed behind a filing cabinet never to be seen again.


One Reply to “Family Values*”

  1. Duceppe rarely disappoints. Right out of the gate in the last election, he referred to Harper’s proposed changes to the Young Offenders Act as the “fresh meat” proposition.

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