Raising Cain

Quite surprisingly, GOP presidential aspirant (also a radio talk show host, previous chairman of the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve, and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza) Herman Cain, could well be the proverbial “dark horse” in the race to become Republican presidential nominee in 2012.

So I wonder why he isn’t getting the same amount of attention in the mainstream media as other no-hopers like serial adulterer Newt Gingrich, Rick (Man-on-Dog) Santorum, half-term Governor Sarah Palin, et. al.? Why has the media automatically written him off as fringe character that’s barely worth mentioning?



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9 responses to “Raising Cain

  1. I doubt there’s anything malicious about the press’ lack of interest in Cain. Most media probably take one look at him and assume he’s Alan Keyes. “Hard to tell them apart”, and all that…

  2. Yeah, that was kind of my assumption too. But Keyes was certifiable, whereas this guy has legitimate credentials and isn’t a complete loon. Some of what he has to say actually makes sense.

  3. “many of the muslims”

    are you two guys fucking kidding me?


  4. KEv:

    What “two” guys? Please do not interpret my snark as implicit agreement with Red. I think Cain is a loon, and I break out in hives at the (admittedly preposterous) notion of his becoming “pres-ee-deent”.

    Perhaps Red meant to say that Cain seems to be no more of a loon than the Huckabees and Pawlentys who have no trouble attracting mainstream attention. Even on that point I would quibble: the premise of this interview appears to be that Cain has positioned himself on the far right of an already-far-right primary field. I’m not sure to what degree that is true; I don’t know much about Cain and can’t be arsed to find out more.

    The puke-inducingly ignorant Islamophobia that oozes from this clip makes it fairly easy to dismiss him as a reprehensible sack of shit, which I have duly done and dearly hope everyone in America’s sane community would do.

  5. hitfan

    George Bush carried the Muslim vote in 2000 by saying nice things about Muslims and making hay about “profiling at airports”, as in, he was against profiling of Muslims. It probably helped that the Republicans tailored their social conservative message to appeal to Muslims as well. Grover Norquist’s wife is Muslim, so he spearheaded Republican outreach to Muslims at the time.

    Of course, that changed after 9/11.

    The easiest, safest answer to a question like “Would you consider having a Muslim to serve in your administration?” would be “Yes, as long as they are Republican”. Nothing controversial about saying that you prefer people of your own party to serve as cabinet members or whatnot of your administration.

  6. I should have foreseen the misunderstanding that might arise from my post in the way it was written. SF has essentially captured my intent which was that Cain is no worse than much of the rest of the GOP presidential wannabees. Yes, I think he’s kind of a loon in some respects, but most of them are. So why does he get labeled a “fringe” candidate and batshit crazy Michele Bachmann get considered as a “serious” contender?

  7. Shiner

    In the land of the criminally insane, the functional asshole is king.

  8. to the two guys:


    my apologies for going off half-cocked. yer too sly by half sometimes, rt.


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