Toxic Tories

Nice to see that the Harper Conservatives are setting a positive, upbeat, hopeful tone with their first election ads out of the chute.

By the way, and I think this is an important thing to note… People cannot comment on YouTube videos released by the Conservative Party. While the Liberals and NDP have their videos open for discussion (and a fair amount of trolling by right-wing shills, it has to be said), the Conservatives are COWARDS who hide behind a block on all comments. To me, that alone speaks volumes about the arrogant nature of the party and its control-freak leader.


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4 responses to “Toxic Tories

  1. ck

    Why am not surprised? After all, aren’t those Harpercon shill trolls usually the ones to scream about free speech and accuse everyone else of stifling it? The hypocrisy is just awesome.

  2. CK: PMOC doesn’t allow comments on their videos either, although by contrast, anyone can spout off on the ones posted by Just sayin’…

  3. kitt

    Is Harper running legally after being in contempt of parliament?

  4. Kitt: I think it would be a stretch to describe being in contempt of parliament as a “crime” so using that as the premise for disqualifying Harper from running isn’t going to fly. The vote taken in the House is also most certainly not an “election-related crime” as proscribed in the Elections Act, so that one is a no-starter as well.

    Maybe a constitutional lawyer would like to disagree with me on my conclusions however.

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