Fatal Mistake

Michael Ignatieff demonstrating why he is such an awful politician (or a typical one, depending on your point of view), responding yesterday to reporters’ questions about whether he would contemplate the possibility of forming a coalition government should results of the forthcoming election make one possible.

Instead of categorically rejecting the idea of a post-election coalition in no uncertain terms, Ignatieff opted to peddle the line that all voters opposed to Harper had no option but to vote Liberal.

In doing so, he left the door wide open to continued attacks from the Conservatives on this front in addition to reinforcing their argument that a majority is needed to avoid what they’ve described in the past as a “coup” by Ignatieff and his “Coalition partners.”

Not to mention the fact that it will give reporters the opportunity to relentlessly badger him about it on the campaign trail for weeks to come, effectively providing a needless distraction from whatever other message he may be trying to push. Then, even if he does eventually come out with a unequivocal statement on the matter, the question will turn to why he didn’t say so in the first place, thereby bringing his sincerity into doubt.

Dumb beyond belief.

If this is what can be expected from Iggy in terms of his political savvy, it doesn’t bode well for the prospects of the Liberal campaign.



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29 responses to “Fatal Mistake

  1. carrie

    I found Harper’s “hidden agenda” angle at least as weak as Ignatieff not coming out with his statement a day earlier. But, for the ones who are really going to push the coalition angle (obviously the National Post, as well as the Conservatives and NDP as it is to the advantage of both parties) I doubt there is anything Ignatieff can say to quiet them.

  2. “Deny in an election then go for it after the fact.” This is Harper’s new line. And it would have been his line yesterday if Ignatieff gave a clearer response. A response, which I must say, affirms the small-c conservative view of democracy: the one’s with the most seats wins, no matter what the proportion of the votes or the House. Progressives know this isn’t the case, but we’ll have to live with it.

    We best get on board with Ignatieff’s latest denunciation of a future “coalition” — a formal agreement of cooperation between two or more parties in the House. Otherwise, WE will be repeating the mistakes of 08 by undercutting our leader and national message during an election, just like we did with Dion.

  3. Tea Party Patriot

    This is funny as shit.

    We are critiquing a character like Iggy who has done nothing in his life.

    What has Iggy done beside read a few books?

    Has he ever met a payroll? Ever produced anything? Did he ever provide a valuable service?

    Even though he has done sweet fuck all to better this country of Canada, somehow he still finds himself in the upper tax bracket.

    All of these idiots who have never had a real job, or used their hands, need to be shown the door.

    Iggy is a real shame in the sense that he seems to think he is entitled to this job for the sole reason of reading a few books.

    We need people with actual real world experience, not professors.

    A professor should stick to regurgitating whatever he learned in school.

    He has no business leading the country and neither does Harper. They’re one and the same.

    Have a good night,asshole.

  4. AB

    Ignatieff categorically rejected a post-election coalition this morning.

  5. AB: Saturday morning… when soooo many people are paying attention. 😉

    That’s good, but he should have done so from the outset without even a moment’s hesitation.

  6. Dylan: You may be correct about what the Harper response would have been, but Ignatieff could have then neatly turned it back on Harper if he wanted to engage in speculation about leaders having a “hidden agenda” rather than discussing the issues.

  7. TPP: I believe Ignatieff has done more than “reading a few books.” In fact, he’s written a good number of them.

    If you think that writing a book isn’t hard work, then you should try it some time. But maybe first try reading a few… something that, along with making a coherent point, you appear never to have done.

  8. Brendan Kane

    Tea Party Patriot
    “Has he ever met a payroll?”
    Has Stephen Harper?

  9. Iggy has never stopped being a prof. He gives politically stupid, technically correct answers.

    I pray the Liberals are as smart as I hope they are.

    Red, read my blog post today on this.

  10. AB

    Ignatieff made the announcement before Harper went to the governor general. So press reports on Harper’s remarks about the coalition also menitoned that Ignatieff categorically rejected a post-election coalition.

    Perhaps Ignatieff could have waited until Monday to make this statement so that it got more media atttention?

  11. Tea Party Patriot

    Tea Party Patriot
    “Has he ever met a payroll?”
    Has Stephen Harper?

    Harper is no better than Iggy.

    Another “nobody” who has no real world experience.

  12. Tea Party Patriot

    Alright Martin, writing a book is tough work.

    Even if that is indeed true, does that really qualify him to lead a country of 33 million people?


  13. AB

    Rereading your comment, Red. Maybe I missed an ironic tone in what you wrote.

  14. Carrie is right: Ignatieff and Harper both stumbled on the first day of the campaign, which bodes worse for the latter—who has far more to lose—than for the former. Harper’s messaging seems ad libbed and disoriented, which is deeply odd, given that he’s effectively been in election mode for a year and a half.

    Perhaps he expended all of his electoral energy in his idiotic attack ads; he certainly seems tired, distracted, and strangely disengaged. If he’s complacent about the “inevitability” of another win (and I do hope he is), he’s in trouble.

  15. Oh, and chaps—let’s please starve the troll.

  16. Tomm

    That video of Ignatieff is just plain frightening. He keeps a scrum of MPs behind him to prop him up and he sounds way too much like a professor.

    His video this morning in front of the parliament buildings wasn’t any better. He walked out with his phalanx of MPs looking every bit like the pretenious elite they are trying NOT to like like. He then talks using the moral support of his “students” arrayed behind him.

    I think Ignatieff is in some trouble here. It will be interesting to see whether the media gives us snippets of his speeches and scrums over the next few days, and if so, what he sounds like.

  17. Mark LaFue

    “Even though he has done sweet fuck all to better this country of Canada, somehow he still finds himself in the upper tax bracket.
    All of these idiots who have never had a real job, or used their hands, need to be shown the door.”

    That’s a positively Maoist sentiment, comrade.

  18. Iciu

    What am I missing? Why is the idea of a Coalition Govt such a horrible thing? It seems to me that most people here agree on this one point but in all honesty I fail to see what makes the idea of cooperation such an anathema…

    Nothing sarcastic about this comment, just a genuine intent to understand something that seems to be so obvious to many and completely escapes me…

  19. Why is the idea of a Coalition Govt such a horrible thing?

    It’s too British. Some would even say it’s European. Ewwww…

  20. hitfan

    Why is the idea of a coalition government now considered political poison according to a lot of Canadians?

    That’s because Dion’s stupid stunt back in December 2008 made it so. Having lost 20+ seats in an election that had occurred only a few weeks before, Dion tried to become Prime Minister as a “stab Ignatieff in the back” move because the Libs wanted to get rid of him.

    A coalition government is perfectly legal, but in the context of badly losing an election only to self-righteously try to perform a coup shortly after that, it is POLITICALLY STUPID.

    Ignatieff never condemned the coalition. If he had done so back then (instead of being a good little whipped Liberal boy), he would be doing better in the polls today.

  21. Tomm

    I’ve got to rant. I’m an old Dylan fan. Well it turns out that Ignatieff has selected a Dylan song as his campaign theme. It is a song off his rather anemic 1979 Christian album “Slow Train Coming”. The song is called “Gotta Serve Somebody” and it is a molasses heavy piece of Christian prosletyzing.

    Iggy just has no touch. He should have picked “Desolation Row”.

  22. Shiner

    Perhaps he expended all of his electoral energy in his idiotic attack ads; he certainly seems tired, distracted, and strangely disengaged. If he’s complacent about the “inevitability” of another win (and I do hope he is), he’s in trouble.

    I think it’s simply that he’s been governing without having to answer questions and with nobody paying attention to what he’s doing. It’s how he likes to operate. He’s bog standard, has the charisma of a shoe (a discount pair from a Loblaw store say), and is incredibly socially awkward. Not particularly strong traits for a politician.

  23. Tea Party Patriot

    “That’s a positively Maoist sentiment, comrade.”

    Sorry bud, but Karl Marx and Iggy are tied to the hip.

    Iggy is a Marxist.

    I suggest he drops his pay a little to “even ” things out like the Marxists like to do.

  24. Tomm: No fan of Dylan here, so I’m not offended by the choice, but somewhat puzzled by it. I mean, the general idea of that song is that we’re all beholden to someone or something no matter who or what you may be.

    “You may be an ambassador to England or France
    You may like to gamble, you might like to dance
    You may be the heavyweight champion of the world
    You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls.

    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
    You’re gonna have to serve somebody,
    It may be the devil or it may be the Lord
    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody.

    By claiming that he “serves the people” is Iggy implying that Harper is beholden to “other” powers… The Devil, perhaps?

    Compare that to Clinton’s theme tune from Fleetwood Mac: “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.” Dead easy and crystal clear.

  25. Mark LaFue

    “I suggest he drops his pay a little to “even ” things out like the Marxists like to do.”

    So you’re endorsing Marx? Man, the Tea Party is not at AT ALL what I thought it was.

  26. Ignore TPP, he knows not of what he speaks.

  27. Iciu

    RT: “Fatal Mistake” comes from engaging the Conservative narrative as being true. I do not think that is correct, therefore, the rest of the argument is flawed… engaging in a pure perception game with the Cons and completely dropping the factual aspect is a sure recipe for disaster; that is what they want and what they are good at and I am afraid that you did not realize that you bought into this game completely… at least with this thread… the two explanations I got (see above)for why a Coalition Govt is bad are not addressing any substance, they just speak to appearance and even that is not terribly convincing…

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