Voices of Reason

Which of course will be ignored…

The usual suspects from both the right and the left (albeit what some might regard as the “extreme” fringes) who have, I would contend, been absolutely correct in the past with respect to the numerous other conflicts that America and its “Coalition of the Willing” is still hopelessly entangled in, speaking out recently about the newest war in Libya.

This latest intervention is just another harebrained military misadventure that will inevitably end badly. As regrettable as the situation was in Libya, wouldn’t it have been better to simply allow events to play out on their own terms without Western involvement?

And who are these people that the media portrayed with such sympathy for weeks on end? By some accounts, about 20 percent of the “rebels” are fighting to depose Gaddafi because they believe that he’s a Jew. Surely that sentiment has to be more than a little disturbing when considering what kind of government might eventually take hold in that country once the conflict ends. Whenever that might be…



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6 responses to “Voices of Reason

  1. MoS

    The problem isn’t so much military as political. This should have been acted upon a month ago. Back then I contended that only Egypt had the means and legitimacy to force out Gaddafi and put an end to this nascent civil war. I was pleased to see Gwynne Dyer come to the same position last week.

    The clusterfuck in this business is mainly political. It was at the political level that this rolling fiasco was initiated. The lack of consensus that confounds, perhaps even dooms, this farce today is political. I would not be surprised to learn that, behind closed doors, political ambition vetoed military caution.

  2. Exactly. Too many questions are left open. This intervention is really a leap into the dark.

  3. My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was once entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t consider just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  4. MoS

    If it had been appropriate to remove Gaddafi there was never but one way to do it. Two months before we got involved in this farce, I argued that the only quick and effective solution lay in giving the Egyptian army and air force their marching orders. It would have been an afternoon’s work for Egypt’s hundreds of M-1A1 Abrams tanks and squadrons of F-16 fighters. Several weeks later Gwynne Dyer advocated precisely the same thing.

    Egypt even had a valid defensive premise. Many of the people Gaddafi set upon came from tribes that straddled the Egypt-Libya border. In effect Egypt “shares” these tribal people with Libya. A timely intervention would also have facilitated an orderly transition to a new Libyan government with a much greater chance of eliminating Islamist extremists from that mix. al Qaeda has been quite open about their goal of establishing a presence in post-Mubarak Egypt and post-Gaddafi Libya. It is very much in Cairo’s interest to foreclose that possibility.

  5. MoS

    Oops, sorry. I repeated myself. Shame.

  6. Amazing to think that here we are at the end of July and this conflict has been dragging on now since March of this year. All that time, money and firepower expended and yet the NATO coalition (in addition to its hapless rebel allies on the ground) has proven unable to topple a tinpot African dictator. Utterly pathetic.

    Bottom line is that the conflict was none of our business to begin with.

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