Persian New Year

Stephen Harper’s address to on the commemoration of Nowruz, the Persian New Year: “It is my pleasure to extend best wishes on behalf of the Government of Canada as you celebrate Nowruz. The New Year is an important time to gather together with family and friends. And as tables are set with the Haft Sîn, we all reminded of the rich history and long traditions of the Persian people.”

Interesting to contrast that stale blancmange with President Obama’s message on the same occasion which, in part, was: “You, the young people of Iran – carry within you both the ancient greatness of Persian civilization, and the power to forge a country that is responsive to your aspirations. And though times may seem dark, I want you to know that I am with you.”

Oh, and another thing… Why didn’t Harper say “It is my pleasure to extend best wishes on behalf of MY Government”? I mean, after all, that would have been more in keeping with his new communications edict, would it not? Or might that have sounded a little too absurdly vainglorious…



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10 responses to “Persian New Year

  1. What’s vainglorious is Harper’s delusional belief that a Persian can be found who gives a fuck what he thinks.

    As for this soporific pandering spiel, it may be cortex crushingly banal in absolute terms, but Harper’s desultory Canada Day mutterings make it sound perfectly Churchillian.

  2. The story was good.

  3. Tea Party Patriot

    Harper is a Socialist Pig.

    A multicultural whore.

    A corrupt piece of garbage.

    A rat.

    And I voted for this clown twice thinking he would do something Conservative.

    Am I fucking stupid?

    Not really, Harper is just a rat piece of garbage who is nothing better than the leader of Iran.

    After all there is nothing you can do to remove Harper and there is nothing you can do to remove Ahmadinejad.

    Canada is not a democracy in the sense that nobody can be removed from office for any reason until those corrupt clowns themselves call an election.

  4. sapphireandsteel

    “Am I fucking stupid?”

    Ha ha obvious as a barn wall YES!!!!

  5. Tea Party Patriot


    Either vote for Harper or the homosexual lobby and the socialists.

    The more I think about it, I might not be so dumb.

    SapphirenSteel, you are a fruitcake. A girly man.

    You want to meet in a park but I really know what you mean.

    You fruit loop you.

    Go find another gearbox to play with, you rat.

  6. TofKW

    Tea Party Patriot, you’re ever-changing icon beside your login-name leads me that you suspect are logging in with IP address variations &/or email addresses …I’ll let our host here confirm this.

    Hiding behind various IP addresses is usually the sign of a troll, and also a “frightened little girly-boy” when judged on the ‘Ahrn’old Scale’.

    sapphireandsteel by contrast has a blogger account.

    I’ll let my fellow commentators decide who the true coward is here.

  7. Roland

    Looking at the quoted texts, I think that Harper’s spiel was actually the more appropriate. Obama’s was needlessly insinuating.

    These statements are, after all, supposed to be empty pleasantries.

    Harper does need Iranian-Canadian votes, and minority voters in general. In some BC ridings, e.g. in North Vancouver, the Iranian community is quite large.

  8. sapphireandsteel

    Ive actually been sapphireandsteel for years now. Its a very heady but very dry sci-fi show produced by ITV in the 70s.

    I’ll fully admit to being a smartass and at times a snark but I doubt that many individuals are capable of the vileness you see in others. You may not realize it but that’s a detriment to you.

    I love your contempt for democracy in ordering me to vote harper or else. How sweet of you. No thanks. I vote for who I chose to vote for and have no problem defending my right to a free vote to the likes of you.

    It’s very revealing that you respond to being called up with homophobic retorts. I honestly havent heard such juvenile comments since my primary school days.

    Funny, you remind me of something a professor of mine once said about right leaning libertarians: they never seemed to grow out of the “MINE” phase of life.

    So do you have anything of value to say TPP or is going to be more of the verbal rantings. It does remind me of the guy that used to get drunk outside my tube station so thank you TPP for the memories of London.

  9. TPP: I’m no fan of Harper, but your criticisms are way offside and contribute nothing of worth to the discussion. If you can’t come up with anything better than hurling ridiculous insults at the objects of your ire, then just don’t bother.

    As for the ever-changing avatar (and IP#), S&S is correct in that usually being the sign of a cowardly troll who makes inflammatory and malicious comments while hiding behind their anonymity.

    Grow up and stop being such an offensive prick.

  10. Mark LaFue

    Novruz isn’t just celebrated by Iranians – there’s a number of Shia sects that also observe the holiday, some of which are electorally influential (there’s a reason Rahim Jaffer lost to an NDP candidate in Edmonton). Novruz started as a pre-Islamic Persian holiday, but spread with the Moghuls to South Asia, among other places, including, I believe, Afghanistan (at least before the Taliban). From what I understand, Obama’s message was for foreign policy purposes, Harper’s for domestic political ones. Much as I’m loath to defend the guy, it’s not really a fair comparison (that said, I can’t get audio on either video at the moment, so I may be entirely off-base).

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