Republican Priorities

Anthony Weiner at his best…

This in response to an “emergency session” of the House Rules Committee being called to take up legislation permanently banning federal funding for NPR and its affiliate stations – a measure that could save American households as much as a fraction of a penny per year!


11 Replies to “Republican Priorities”

  1. The point, asshole, is that NO TAXPAYERS DOLLARS should be going towards any institution that promotes any political ideology.

    Got it asshole?

    I’m sure this American sell out Weiner would not want Limbaugh being paid with taxpayers dollars now would he, asshole?

    It’s amazing how the CBC never gets talked about by anybody in Canada even though everyone knows it’s a Communist organization that hates the USA and individual freedom. We know that. There is nothing Conservative about the CBC. Nothing.

    Yet each Canadian is FORCED to bankroll far left individuals who do nothing other than espouse far left views.

    How would Canadians feel bankrolling a far right organization?

    I don’t want my tax dollars that I’m FORCED to pay to be used for any political operations on any side of the border, whether it’s the free side or the Communist side.

    Got that, asshole?

  2. Maybe Tea Party Patriot needs a bit of calling out like CWTF used to do a couple of years ago. So how about it TPP, fight in the park?

    You chicken? I can meet you in Vancouver and Im sure there’s a volunteer to shut your gob elsewhere.

  3. Such eloquence. I’m on the verge of joining the Tea Party due to those wonderful words. NOT. What angry bunch of stupid inbred doucebag mouthbreathers.

  4. ha ha really Tea Party Patriot? Is that the best you can do? I could get a better argument from a talking vending machine. Far more intelligent too.

    So Tea Party, do you have an actual point to make or are you just reinforcing the stereotype of all teabaggers being unintelligent, mannerless buffoons who in real life have less responsibility than a Walmart greeter?

  5. and like all chickenhawks, Tea Party is too cowardly to back up his words in person.

    Poor TPP, you’re about as dangerous as the old teabags my gran used to use. Maybe we should just call you PG Tips.

  6. “Dragons’ Den” seems like kind of an odd program for a “Communist organization” to broadcast every week, doesn’t it?

    One of my favourite shows, btw. I love venture capitalism!

  7. “NO TAXPAYERS DOLLARS should be going towards any institution that promotes any political ideology.”

    the bill will die in the senate, so taxpayer dollars will contiue to flow to npr, and there’s not a god damned thing you can do about it. i do enjoy the way it eats away at you. thanks for sharing that.

    KEvron, master of the last laugh

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