Harper ≠ Canada

Another kick at the unprecedented re-branding effort by The Harper Government®, this time from Rick Mercer…

One might have thought that given the negative reaction to this attempted politicization of the Government of Canada, the Conservatives might have backed down. But no… In fact, the practice is still in very much in full swing.



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3 responses to “Harper ≠ Canada

  1. emily

    I saw CARP members are p-oed. Sound about right. Every old family member watces Mercer and they were p-oed a while ago.

    Never underestimate the power of p-oed seniors; they have land lines for telephone polls and voting is a nice outing 😉

  2. And now they’re empowered by Facebook… which is kind of a scary thought.

  3. WJM

    Where was Rick Mercer hiding for seven years when Danny Williams was doing the same thing at the provincial government Williams Government level?

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