President Trump?

Could “The Donald” really be much worse than any of the other second-rate hacks, religious kooks, and corporate lackeys that may be running for the Republican nomination?

Hey, the guy even comes with his very own White House in Palm Beach!



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13 responses to “President Trump?

  1. CWTF

    About a month ago Donald Trump was on the Mark Levin show on Texas Talk Radio and he almost declared it then.
    Sadly, “the Donald so full of himself and bluster that he ignorantly declared that “Americans are the most taxed in the world” – that was enough to convince me that the man is an idiot…

    As for America, I don’t think that it can declare bankruptcy like the Donald does whenever he’s in trouble….

  2. Rotter: Do you really buy into every tiresome meme that the right-wing noise machine rolls out to attack Obama? Would you prefer that he fly to Japan and muck in with the team of fatalistic engineers trying to salvage the wrecked nuclear power plants or be attempting to solve the unrest in the North Africa and the Middle East by direct military intervention? The guy is the chief executive of the American government, not fucking Superman.

  3. CWTF: I seriously doubt that he will commit to the gruesome project of becoming POTUS, but it would be extremely interesting if he did.

  4. CWTF

    Red, I find “The Donald” to be an excretable human being. There is nothing admirable about him – he’s a typical con that has been able to game to system to hide his failures.

  5. Tea Party Patriot

    What goes around comes around………..

    There is no doubt about that…………

    Red Tory deserves nothing less than my wet finger in his ear………………..

    What a rat piece of garbage.

  6. TofKW

    TPP – shouldn’t you be out teabagging something, or whatever it is your type does?

  7. TPP gives people in the Tea Party – who, let’s face it, have some legitimate grievances about their broken government and shitacular economy – a bad name.

  8. CWTF: I don’t know about Trump being “excretable” and my anus wouldn’t want to put that notion to the test.

    I still maintain that his candidacy – even though, yes, he is an execrable human being – may just inject some much-needed disruption into the presidential election process.

    And another thing…

    Following the controversial Citizens United ruling by the SCOTUS a while back, there was a guy in Maryland who launched a bid to run for Congress as a corporation. “Murray Hill Inc. for Congress” was the moniker used and its “human interface” explained that the effort was being made to play out the logical consequences of extending 1st Amendment “personhood rights” to corporations…

    I suspect that ran into all sorts of complications (difficulties with the 14th Amendment, for instance which requires that candidates be “natural born” and so on…), but a Trump candidacy would be the next best thing in this respect.

  9. TofKW

    RT, I have no problem with voters who have grievances about the bail-outs, broken government, awful taxation regimes, and an economy on the shits. Hell, I’m fully behind them organizing and trying to do something to fight it and take back their government.

    But when these very ‘grassroots’ groups are getting funded by uber-rich, neo-liberal-on-steroid benefactors and their large corporations; to do their bidding for them and to continue to polarize politics to the point of nothing getting done …these gullable minions deserve to be called out for what they truly are.

    IDIOTS !!!

  10. TofKW: I totally agree with you on that. It’s appalling that the Tea Party movement has been hijacked (almost from the outset) by front groups like Koch Industries’ laughably named “Americans for Prosperity,” the malicious army of dicks behind “Freedomworks,” and other sleazebag lobbyists with ironic names, who immediately realized that the inchoate anger of these folks whose lives had been deeply unsettled by the economic collapse of 2007-2009 could be easily channelled into an electoral program that would harness their energy and effectively result in them voting against their own self-interest.

    Completely cynical, and morally evil… but brilliant politics!

  11. CWTF

    Remind me to have a coffee before I spell “excretable” in the morning…

  12. LOL. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. 🙂

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