Gaia’s Wrath?

Insane rodeo clown Glenn Beck on the disaster in Japan: “I’ll tell you this. Whether you call it Gaia or whether you call it Jesus, there’s a message being sent. And that message is: ‘Hey, you know that stuff we’re doin’… [maniacal laughter] Not really workin’ out real well. Maybe we should stop doin’ some of it. I’m just sayin.’”

What exactly “the stuff we’re doin’” might be is anyone’s guess, but something similar to the ‘sins’ articulated in the moralistic pronouncements of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell immediately post 9-11 about the catastrophic punishments meted out by their mean-spirited, vengeful God wouldn’t exactly stretch the imagination.


4 Replies to “Gaia’s Wrath?”

  1. Uygur is being somewhat disingenuous here. He knows why Beck never gets fired.

    Beck never gets fired precisely because he never makes sense. Making sense is the quickest way to get rusticated out of mainstream U.S. media, as Bill Maher found out when he observed that the monstrous yet self-sacrificial 9/11 hijackers could hardly be described as “cowards”, contrary to what the braying demagogues wanted us to believe.

  2. Well, by Beck standards, that was pretty benign. For all we know he could have been referring to the practice of building nuclear reactors in areas of the world where earthquakes do occur might not be a good idea.

    Since he mentioned “Gaia”, perhaps Beck’s old leftie pot-smoking days mindset came to the front and he was criticizing our hyper-industrial society and that “we need to get back to nature, man”.

  3. Shiner: Wow. That is amazing. Although I guess that I should be beyond being surprised by anything ridiculous these assclowns have to say.

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