Torch of Ignorance

Over the weekend, Tea-Party darling, “constitutional scholar” and potential Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann once again demonstrated her staggering ignorance of American history – in this case, memorable facts well known even to elementary school students in other countries!

On his program tonight, Lawrence O’Donnell puzzled to no avail over the possible cause of Bachmann’s “gaffe” (that was made not once, but incredibly, twice, in speeches to supporters in New Hampshire – not to mention that in the same diatribes, she also seemed to erroneously think that Plymouth Rock was located in the Granite State).

In desperation, he finally asked viewers to supply him with potential explanations to several vexing questions concerning the ignorance of Bachmann, her staff and the majority of nitwits in her Congressional district that voted her into office. Again!

3 Replies to “Torch of Ignorance”

  1. To me the most surreal thing about this is I grew up in the US. Lexington and Concord’s role in the revolution is just one of those basic fact points every student is taught. The “shot heard round the world” is taught in history classes across the US. And it is emphasized that they are in Massachusetts, just outside Boston.

    So to misplace the event – not only Bachmann but her staff as well – is just bizarre. It would be like any Canadian getting confused on what province had separatist leanings (besides Alberta, that is ;).

    To me, this is the strongest indication yet that she truly is an alien. We’re oh so fortunate the mothership sent down an errant drone.

  2. Joseph: I was taught this in elementary school – in Canada! It’s a basic part of the simplistic historical narrative about the American Revolution, right up there with the Tea Party and Bunker Hill. I think kids from England to Indonesia know this. Bachmann however, doesn’t. It is truly inexplicable. Should be interesting to see what possible reasons Larry’s viewers provide…

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