End of Day

What… no more “Sorrowgrams”? How disappointing.

If Harper is on the verge of finally achieving a majority government (should an election be called), isn’t it a bit perplexing that two of his most capable ministers would be calling it quits at this time?



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9 responses to “End of Day

  1. Good one…. I remember his geography problem some years ago, with the Niagara River, and I do not forget his version of man walking with dinosaurs 5,000 years ago !

  2. Billy

    Still talking to ghosts Martin?

  3. sapphireandsteel

    bit of OCD from Billy?

  4. Annie: Easy to poke fun at him for his past gaffes and rather kooky fundamentalist religious beliefs, but I actually didn’t mind Stock in his cabinet roles. He seemed like a pretty decent, earnest fellow. Dare I suggest that he may have… evolved?

  5. hitfan

    I actually donated to Stockwell Day’s ill-fated 2000 campaign. It put me on an annoying Conservative party caller’s list that took years to shake off (I haven’t made any political donations since then). The Liberal campaign against him was vicious, but Day was far too much of a “turn the other cheek” guy to really be successful in politics at a national level.

    I really don’t care if someone has a sincere religious belief that the Earth is only 6000 years old, as long as they don’t try to change curriculum. I’d advise Young Earth Creationists to read St. Augustine’s “Confessions” where he reconciles scientific understanding of his times with the Book of Genesis. Augustine, if he were around today, would probably accept the theory of evolution and interpret it from a religious perspective.

    Day is well over 60 years old. Maybe he just wants to retire quietly. While many in Reform/CA complained about his leadership abilities after the 2000 election, he actually surpassed Manning’s 1997 seat count which was his high watermark. So in spite of his “fundie” baggage, he was able to broaden the appeal of the Reform/CA party, make inroads into Ontario where Manning had failed to do so.

  6. Hitfan has a point. The glib, facile Day was far more electorally successful than the substantive, morally serious Manning (the earnest Manning, if I may be allowed the paternal pun), which probably says it all about how our political culture has been spiraling in the porcelain bowl since the early ‘90s.

  7. I wonder how many Liberals will ever concede the fact that their now vaunted record of sound fiscal management during the 90s was a direct result of Preston Manning holding their feet to the fire and the Liberals trying to outflank him on the right…

  8. Roland

    Did Harper quietly push them? Perhaps a sign of his confidence in his electoral chances, that he believes he can dispense with those elements? He’s been conducting a slow purge of Reformers in an effort to forge a party loyal only to himself.

    This way, Canadians can get themselves a Harper Government, led by The Harper Party.

  9. You may be onto something there. Or it could just be that they’re tired of the game and want to retire to a quiet life with their hefty pensions that they swore up and down they’d never take. 😉

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