“Superbad” Harper

An amusing parody of a recent Conservative advertisement fawning over the Dear Leader.

Yeah, it’s immature, but then most political ads are puerile nonsense in any case, so why not?



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5 responses to ““Superbad” Harper

  1. Thanks for posting my video on your blog! It feels great to share a laugh with others at the expense of a politician’s ego! Your blog is excellent, I’m watching/reading it right now.

  2. Glad you like it. Your video gave the first real chuckle of the day, which was much appreciated after having waded through a lot of depressing news and the usual brain-numbing folderol that passes for “political discourse” these days.

  3. Certainly juvenile, but I give it a half-thumbs up for making me snicker a bit. I hate hero-worship of any politicians. Especially when Chretien or Mulroney are involved.

  4. sapphireandsteel

    Oh Moebius, you’d probably hate Turkmenbashi, though he is unintentionally humourous.

  5. What can I say…funny. Not very thought provoking but then so much that passes for political commentary these days is nothing more than group masturbation so this video is fitting.

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