Enema Man

I’m sure by now everyone has seen (clips at least) of former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson’s recent appearance on Fox News where he decried kids today for “walking on their pants with the cap on backwards listening to the enema man and Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg.” Pretty much everyone had a laugh at the old geezer’s supposed cluelessness, but almost nobody has addressed the underlying point(s) he was making.

Before veering into his hilarious detour, Simpson was simply asserting that the modest changes to Social Security that his Debt Commission had recommended were necessary if today’s pensioners wanted to pass on a fiscally viable system to their decedents. One can debate the particulars, but that’s surely a fair enough argument.

Or is it? Simpson’s offhand remarks where he comically messed up the names of some pop celebrities and not unjustifiably sneered at kids for being stupidly dressed ingrates who no longer write obligatory post-Christmas “thank you” notes to gift-giving grandparents, questioned the premise underpinning that assertion.

While it’s an almost universally accepted notion that everyone has an abiding concern about the world they leave behind to their children (and in turn, their childrens’ offspring), by almost any metric, it has no basis whatsoever in fact. Indeed, it could be argued quite the opposite is true: that baby boomers in particular, whom some have perversely dubbed “The Worst Generation,” have hardly cared for anything at all but immediate fulfillment of their own short-term goals and selfish desires, so all this pious, sentimental blather about deep concern for the world their grandchildren will inherit – economically, environmentally, and otherwise – is perhaps, to borrow another one of Simpson’s expressions, really little more than “fakery”…



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2 responses to “Enema Man

  1. Tea Party Patriot

    And What the Fuck does this have to do with Canada/

    Fucking bird.

  2. TPP: I think the broader notion of how a generation of people regard their descendants isn’t something that’s necessarily specific to AMERICA.

    Try pulling your head out of your backside for a moment and stop being such a complete fucking idiot.

    To be honest, the prompt for this post was that I happen to be reading Christopher Buckley’s book “Boomtime” at the moment, so the notion of generational obligations was kind of playing on my mind.

    Or, shouldn’t I be reading that book? You know… because he’s an American author, after all, and I’m here in Canada. By your parochial logic that would seem to be the case…

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