Display Ban

Funny how readily so-called “conservatives” are to throw their alleged principles under the bus whenever they get in office. More often than not, it turns out they’re every bit as much eager to be meddlesome “nannies” as the relentlessly annoying do-gooders on the left when it comes to imposing completely pointless regulations concerning personal habits such as smoking.

Of course, we’ve had this same absurdly ridiculous “display ban” in effect in most provinces here in Canada for quite a while now and I rather doubt that it has any impact whatsoever other than to be a glaring advertisement for asinine, resentment-inducing government policy every time the clerk has to awkwardly retrieve one’s cigarettes from behind a flimsy curtain or fumble around looking for the contents of the steel case behind the register.

Phillip Davies, a sensible Tory MP, speaks out about the absurdity of the new regulations.

“Why on earth do your need plain packaging for a product that’s no longer on display?” Good question!



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2 responses to “Display Ban

  1. sassy

    That’s really going to work well, just ask the people who get their cigarettes (for about $20@carton) in plain plastic bags if they are smoking less.

  2. This is one area where I really wish the government would butt out. 😉

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