Disaster Capitalism

Such a wonderful expression… Can anyone argue that the present circumstance in America isn’t a most perfect example of the so-called “Shock Doctrine” in operation? This would be the case whereby Republican governors across America are utilizing their states’ fiscal calamities caused by the Great Recession to further advantage their wealthy corporate benefactors while at the same time introducing deeply unpopular “austerity” measures that effectively collapse the “middle-class” and punish the working poor and that; oh look… just coincidentally happen to neatly dovetail with their crackpot, economically infeasible ideological beliefs.

You know, the problem with conspiracy theories – which are absolutely rife these days it seems (certainly if one reads the comments on YouTube, blogs, or the feedback pages of newspapers) – is that they tend to distract from what’s actually happening because “sensible” people are inclined to confuse what is wholly imaginary (e.g., the paranoid concoctions of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, and Frank Gaffney to name but a few manically deranged kooks) with that which is demonstrably taking place and regard both as equally deserving of dismissive skepticism, if not outright contempt.

I would be inclined to argue that the present “Shock Doctrine” is a very real conspiracy in every sense of the term and if asinine media clowns like Beck and Alex Jones actually cared about “the truth” they’d be following the money and not wasting everyone’s time chasing ghosts and deconstructing elaborate schemes of their own febrile imagining.



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22 responses to “Disaster Capitalism

  1. Let Freedom Ring

    Another ignorant post from an ignorant Canadian.

    I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again………

    If it wasn’t for the USA, people like Red Tory would have nothing to do.

    Canada is so boring, so irrelevant on the world stage that normal everyday Canadians like Mr Red Tory have nothing better to do than to bash the United States of America.

    Red Tory is a perfect example of the lunacy that the left wing expresses towards America.

    The Marxists like Mr Tory hate the USA for the individuals rights and freedoms the citizens enjoy.

    See, leftists want absolute control over every single aspect of your life.

    In America, the individual has the power to change the government while in Canada,the people are cattle.

    Get a grip Mr Tory.

    3.1 million ignorant Canadians went to Florida alone this winter so the Republican governor Mr Scott can’t possible be that “scary” to those ignorant Canadians.

    Lose the hatred Mr Tory. Your failures in like have nothing to do with the USA or anyone else but yourself.

    Personal responsibility is and will always be the true test of any human being.

  2. chris

    No doubt The Harper Government is eagerly taking notes on this one.

  3. The problem is that America is run by MBAs. An MBA is NOT an education. It is a technical indoctrination.

    LFR: Go ahead, call me a Marxist. I dare you.

  4. I have been warning you all of the rise of neo-fascism in the United States. It’s getting closer my friends.

  5. Rotterdam

    “You never want a serious crises go to waste.”

    Rahm Emmanuel

  6. Rotter: Thanks for the reminder. I actually took Rahm at his word and naively thought that the Dems might bring something good out of the recent financial crisis, but instead they just continued bailing out the banks, lining the pockets of Wall Street gamblers and enriching the private health insurance market. Wow, talk about socialism run amok!

  7. LFR: I have two words for you and one of them is “off”…

  8. Hey Red:

    Have you been following Rep. (R) Peter King (noted IRA supporter) and his crusade against potential Domestic Islamic terrorism in the USA ?

    Galling hypocrisy. Again.

  9. It is a hallmark of Fascism to manipulate crises to their own ends. Mussolini and Hitler wrote the book on this ….

  10. To be honest, I’ve really been trying to ignore it. Maybe King and everyone else in Congress should be focusing their attention on the terrorists in Wall Street rather than fear-mongering about a handful of “radicalized” Muslim loons.

  11. Jerry Prager

    The gangster capitalist created by Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano, emulating Rockefeller, JP Morgan and the Rothschilds, came into full maturity on Wall Street in 2008 when it merged with global corporatism. But America is rising, and it will blow the doors off the Tea With Mussolini Party starting this weekend, building from Madison Wisconsin, East Lansing Michigan, Indianapolis Indiana, And Providence Rhode Island, and when the high school kids across America start taking to the streets at 2 this afternoon, they will trigger the largest protests in the history of America. The end of corporatism is nigh.

  12. sapphireandsteel

    wow, and to think all I was going to do was buy some groceries…

  13. S&S: LOL.

    Jerry: Good luck with that. Seriously. It’s high time there was a “People’s Party” (as Robert Reich dubbed it), to push back against government that’s bought and paid for by corporations and the true “elites”; i.e., the minuscule sliver of our society presently hoarding a massive concentration of wealth, much of which has been largely extracted from the economy by fraudulent and/or corrupt means.

  14. TofKW

    I dunno Martin, at some point they’re going to figure it out in the US. We here in Canuckland are still too comfortable to remonstrate, and for that matter there’s the question of whether Canadians really have any rebellious streak in their blood.

    Americans are different, we know they’ll revolt when pushed too far. I dunno if Wisconsin is enough to kick them out of their slumber, but at some point something will snap.

  15. there’s the question of whether Canadians really have any rebellious streak in their blood.

    I think when push comes to shove almost everyone does.

    Living here in Winnipeg, it’s not infrequent that I walk past the side of an old building that bears a mural commemorating the General Strike in 1919 with the bold slogan “Britons will never be slaves”…

    I’d encourage people to check out more about this now little known episode in our history.

  16. jkg

    I’d encourage people to check out more about this now little known episode in our history.

    You can imagine what would happen if the Prairie neo-liberal constituency turned soi-disant historian found out that a major conference on a labour rights was held in Calgary. In any event, it did show, however, that Robertson didn’t really represent labour in the Borden government, given Robertson’s actions in attempting to mediate the strike.

  17. It would be interesting to see how Harper might navigate such complex situation. I suspect he might actually not too badly in such a “no-win” situation.

    BTW, I think he’s only a soi-disant historian when it comes to hockey.

  18. jkg

    BTW, I think he’s only a soi-disant historian when it comes to hockey.

    I kept on wondering how those awful “politics is like hockey” analogies crept into the public discourse. I suppose it is better to argue from that vantage point than from his actual credentials as an putative economist.

  19. Heh. Hockey is a good metaphorical reference for lots of things, so I’ve got no problem with that.

    As for Harper’s economic credentials, I think we have to give the guy some degree of credit for not drawing heavily on those notably slim references… Mostly they come from his pathetically ardent fanboys and witless cheerleaders over at the Bloggin’ Tories.

  20. Harper uses Hockey for political ends. I do not recall him giving a shite, or even playing it back in the day.

  21. I think we have to give the guy some degree of credit for not drawing heavily on those notably slim references.

    It’s not modesty, Red; it’s a pathetic desire not to be taken for an intellecshuel by his snorting, truffle-rooting base.

    And I think we all know perfectly well that tolerably well-read elites like Harper, Levant, the Byfields, and the Calgary School are blindingly aware that Alberta has been the birthplace of Canadian socialism, communism, social democracy, women’s suffrage, Social Credit and virtually every progressive, populist, and anti-institutional (and sometimes anti-social and anti-national) movement this country has produced. They merely pretend not to know and desperately want the rest of us to forget. They are not ignorant; they are liars. Some of them, it is true, manage to be both.

    Speaking of which, congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Day. And please let the door hit your ass on the way out. Spend your Parliamentary pension well. I suggest private civics lessons (better late than never). Alternatively, you may choose to bestow your cheques onto Deborah Grey: I suspect the sow’s weekly Dairy Queen bills alone require the bi-monthly refinancing of her house.

  22. SF: I hadn’t thought of it that way, but then I’ve never really understood the almost rabid disdain for “intellecshuels” amongst a certain segment of the right-wing demographic. Not that there’s much chance of Harper being mistaken for one even if he were to tout his academic “credentials” in the dismal science…

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